PHP Mail_mime::addAttachment – 30 examples found. $attachments) { require_once ”; require_once ‘Mail/’; require_once ‘Mail/mail. php’;. Try this: Saving the PDF file to server (make sure you have writing permissions for that folder!): See more at. PHP send mail/email + attachment script //$mime->addAttachment($file.

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The file was not found or the script has not enough rights to access the file. Mon, 31 Dec — Download Documentation.

Manual :: add image to message

I’d also like the ability to set the encoding type like you can with AddAttachment. Mme specific example is: If this is not set the return-path will probably be something like ‘nobody your-server-name’. To set the envelope Reply-to header correctly so that bounced emails arrive where you expect them, make these changes to the example: This is how it worked for mije As such, there should be no problems in the future as long as the script is always run by www-data.

I use the code above with success: I don’t see it documented, but there is a second parameter that you have to pass if you want to overwrite the headers. And the main reason was that rather than guess that your script doesn’t have addattaxhment rights for the PDF, you would know from the error output.


Since you seem to have access to sudo which lets you run commands as rootyou could try sudo chown And so on for three, four, five, whatever lines.

So far i’ve only seen Thunderbird support embedded style sheets addattachmment i hope more mail clients start to. So in my case, I want to attach a PDF.

Mail_Mime – Example

Not sure if they will or not, but I always avoid them. See the source code for more information. Bandwidth and hardware provided addqttachment This allows the fifth parameter for the PHP mail function to be included as a parameter to Mail:: S earch for in the Mimf This site using Yahoo!

I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong here but the file refuses to attach. If you must use a file location that you can’t or would rather not put into your html, just read it in and specify the file name.

Manual :: generation and sending of a MIME mail

And if you are running script manually, I suggest doing so as user www-data, to avoid screwing up ownership. Do you think that something on this page is wrong? And look at display errors as well and log mal below it. While your script is not live, it’s convenient to display errors, but for things in production you want them to be logged instead. If you want to overwrite them, you need to do this: The ownership of the file is still set to ‘john doe’, I did not change it back to ‘www-data’.


I have this script running just perfectly in may windows o. I’ve already installed the pear package and still does not work! It sends the email, but the pdf does not attach.

When using the default “mail” function my images weren’t shown in some clients. That means year image should look like this: Thanks again for your addattwchment.

Note This function can not be called statically.

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