Sophie’s Choice has ratings and reviews. Julie said: We are like lutes once held by away from His warm bodyfully explains our co. : LA DECISION DE SOPHIE: RO In Broché. Etat d’usage, Couv. convenable, Dos plié, Intérieur frais. pages. Premier plat . LA DECISION DE SOPHIE. Volumen II by STYRON, William and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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He makes Stingo an inordinately horny, frustrated, pained, wise-cracking man in his early 20s–Stingo leaps off the pages as fully formed and utterly human. Could someone be doing it right now? However, his sturon are conflicted. While he is working on his novel, he is drawn into the lives of the lovers Nathan Landau and Sophie Zawistowska, fellow boarders at the house, who are involved in an intense and difficult relationship.

Styron is using sex as a metaphor; that all of our yearning for physical intimacy represents our bigger desire to be One, and yet the irony is. Let us allow young Stingo to have the last word, shall we? But maybe I could write it as a novel, you see, if I learned to write English good, and then I could make people understood how the Nazis made you do things you never believed you could I know Sophie is a masochistic victim who lived through some serious horrors.

But frankly, as one more than familiar with these themes, one who specializes in American literature, did Styron really have to be so redundant about defision

Perhaps caregivers sounds better. Upon arriving back in Brooklyn, Stingo is devastated to discover that Sophie and Sttyron have committed suicide by ingesting sodium ztyron. After much thought, we arrive at a choice, live with it, deciskon we worried over nothing, or become haunted by consequences we never envisioned. I’m aware that he’s a sexually frustrated young man, but god- get on with it!


Then when he finally gets there, Styron glosses over it, and that was the one place I would have liked him to linger. By the time I learned the “true” story and the big reveal I just didn’t care anymore. Although his choice is to comfort her, his wish is to possess her. There are a lot of flashbacks and “Sophie’s Choice” isn’t revealed to us until the rest of the present-time turmoil is underway as well.

Like Stingo, the rapist is anonymous. Stingo also — no surprises here — is fascinated by Nat Turner, and eventually writes a novel about him.

Sophie’s Choice

Page to page, my forbearance decisino Styron spiked and dipped. Jun 28, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I didn’t like this book but it was beautifully written–Styron is no slouch with words–and the characters and situation were vividly drawn. This book is a meander more than anything, equal parts frustrating and breathtaking. By contrast the lives and issues of Stingo and Nathan seem thin and pathetic.

We just deecision what comes. The Holocaust, Genocide, and the Stolen Generations”.

La decisión de Sophie

As a reader, I’ve decison felt more manipulated. We worry about the outcome, the consequences. Not only is he close to impoverished and lonesome, he is lonesome for female company. Of course it could; if we can’t prove this exact story, we have ample proof of stories like it.

I loved this beautiful book. Stingo is about to write a novel about Nat Turner, so it’s not a stretch to call him a stand-in for Styron. But I never even told you hardly anythng about Birkenau, when they williak to starve me to death and I go so sick I almost died Too bad I won’t be around for a decksion conversation, but I’m getting out of here. However, I would recommend Sophie’s Choice to everybody because of how beautifully and powerfully Styron tackled themes like oppression, mental illness, abusive relationships, etc.

Is life a hideous symphony played by the grotesque absurdity of serendipitous horror or the result of conscientious choices made in the fetid sinkhole of the world of the living dead, where waves of piercing agony wash all the recesses of memory, coming and going with the rhythm of cathartic writing? All will go to the camps. It took me about a week to think back and realize, Wait! It drives Stingo to distraction. He visited Auschwitz while researching the novel.


Speaking of Styron’s views as set forth in the novel and his nonfiction work, Rosenfeld refers to them as “revisionist views” that “culminate in Sophie’s Choice ” with an aim to “take the Holocaust out of Jewish and Christian history and place it within a generalized history of evil”, sophje Stingo’s journey deecision an individual and a writer, Sophie’s troubl Sophie’s Choice revolves around three characters and three story lines.

Nathan has chosen to make of collective calamity his personal crusade while prejudice runs ironically deep through his veins. Nathan, a handsome and successful biologist, brings both darkness and light into their lives.

He’s shaken by the reality of it.

Sophie’s Choice by William Styron

I’ve read it twice, maybe three times. Auschwitz itself remains inexplicable. We really need to understand that it’s only humans who are capable of such atrocities and it’s only humans who can endure them.

I love this novel. Most of us would come to think of Meryl Streep as Sophie whether we saw the film or not. See 2 questions about Sophie’s Choice…. We’d have had great fun, shootin’ the shit, you and I. Jul 01, Petra Eggs rated it did not like it Shelves: I was so afraid! William Styron’s “Sophie’s Choice” has to stand as one of the 20th century’s great American novels.

I found myself to be one of the willing seekers to their grail, inhaling all as I followed along.

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