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The new lighter, faster, two-man Egyptian chariots were able to pursue and take down the slower three-man Hittite chariots from behind as they overtook them. After six charges, the Hittite forces were almost surrounded, and the survivors were pinned against the Orontes.

Likewise, the Bulletin is itself simply a lengthy caption accompanying the reliefs. The prisoners revealed that the entire Hittite army and the Hittite king were actually close at hand:. Egypt of the Pharaohs. The Poem has been questioned as actual verse, as opposed to a prose account similar to that recorded by other pharaohs.

Ramses 3: La Bataille De Kadesh : Christian Jacq :

University of California Press. Egyptian Warfare with panel of three experts. Only with help from the gods did Ramesses II defeat his attackers and return to the Egyptian lines: During the late Eighteenth dynastythe Amarna letters tell the story of the decline of Egyptian influence in the region.

Date Late May BC [1]. There is no consensus about the outcome or what took place, with views ranging from an Egyptian victory to a draw, [35] or, in the view of Iranian Egyptologist Mehdi Yarahmadian Egyptian defeat with the Egyptian accounts simply propaganda.

Bryce suggests that, although it may have fallen once again under Hittite control, it is more likely Amurru remained a Hittite vassal state. Egypt’s Greatest Pharaoh, Penguin Books, An enlarged replica of the Kadesh agreement hangs on a wall at the headquarters of the United Nationsas the earliest international peace treaty known to historians. Although there is more evidence in the form of texts and wall reliefs for this battle than for any other battle in the Ancient Near Eastalmost all of it is from an Egyptian perspective.


His second success here was equally as meaningless as his first, since neither Egypt nor Hatti could decisively defeat the other in battle. Outside of the inscriptions, there are textual occurrences preserved in Papyrus Raifet and Papyrus Sallier Kadsh[45] and a rendering of these same events in a letter from Ramesses to Hattusili III written in response to a scoffing complaint by Hattusili about the pharaoh’s victorious depiction of the battle.

A Kadrsh of Ancient Egypt. His infantry went on the narrow passes as if on the highways of Egypt. On the Orontes River near Kadesh.

Also significant was the presence of Sherden troops within the Egyptian army. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.

Battle of Kadesh – Wikipedia

Egyptian tactical victory, strategically indecisive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now after days had passed after this, then his majesty was in Ramses Meri-Amon, the town which is in the Valley of the Cedar. The Hittites, who believed their enemies to be totally routed, had stopped to plunder the Egyptian camp and, in doing so, became easy targets for Ramesses’ counterattack. Ancient Egypt portal Ancient Near East portal. Atlas of Military History. I had heard that he was in the land of Aleppo.

An Encyclopedia of Battles. Inscriptions on the Karnak walls record the details of his campaigns into Canaan kxdesh ancient Syria. Like his father Ramesses ISeti I was a military commander who set out to restore Egypt’s empire to the days of the Tuthmosid kings almost a century before.

Indeed, the first scholarly report on the battle, by James Henry Breasted inpraised the sources that allowed the reconstruction of the battle with certainty. The army moved beyond the kadssh of Tjel and along the coast leading to Gaza. The running borderlands conflicts were finally concluded some fifteen years after the Battle of Kadesh [3] by an official peace treaty in the 21st year of Ramesses II’s reign BC in conventional chronologywith Hattusili III, the new king of the Hittites.

  JBL 2446 H PDF


Archived from the original on April 16, New Kingdom of Egypt. Lukka lands Lycia and Caria, southwest Anatolia.

Battle of Kadesh

Somewhere between 23,—50, men Somewhere between 15, [7] —40, infantry [8] not engaged Somewhere between 2,—3, chariots [8] Somewhere between 9,—11, men [9]. Relief inside his Abu Simbel temple. His majesty proceeded northward. An Egyptian version survives on a papyrus. The thin strip of territory pinched between Amurru and Kadesh did not make for a stable possession.

Event occurs at Healy, Qadesh BC: They are more numerous than the grains of sand on the beach.

Ramses 3: La Bataille De Kadesh

Ramesses’ action was successful in driving the looters back towards the Orontes river and away from vataille Egyptian camp, [32] while in the ensuing pursuit, the heavier Hittite chariots were easily overtaken and dispatched by the lighter, faster, Egyptian chariots.

A second campaign led to his capture of Kadesh where a stela commemorated his victory and Amurru kingdom.

They have their weapons of war at the ready. Gardiner translates the title as “chief of suite of suite”. The treaty that was established was inscribed on a silver tablet, of which a clay copy survived in the Hittite capital of Hattusain modern Bataillsand is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. Many of the Egyptian campaign accounts between c. Led by its king, Talmi-Sarruma, grandson of Suppiluliuma I.

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