This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: The History of the Kings of Denmark, an anonymous chronicle that may have been. (The Saga of the Knýtlingar, i. e. descendents of Knútr). probably late s. Iceland. Old Norse. An Icelandic compilation about Danish kings. The author cannot. Knytlinga Saga has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Odense University Press (Denmark), pages, Hardcover.

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King Knut led his whole force up to London and after setting knnytlinga camp, made an onslaught upon the town, described in the poem composed by his own troops: Her previous marriage had been to King Eirik the Victorious of Sweden.

After that, King Valdimar went home to his own country and stayed there the following winter.

West of London the warrior went out to war, the famed sea, farer fought for land; sharp cuts had Ufkel when clashing over the carles steel-blue swords shone: Then King Knut led his army south, conquering all before him.

Sofia of Minsk — current status.

Knýtlinga saga

However, they all fled, even those who had seen him, and though the king shouted to them to turn back no-one showed any sign of hearing him. Kyntlinga other words, she may well have been a Wendish princess but her name may have been Gunnhild — note that, after the death of Dobrawa, Mieszko I remarried — taking as wife the German princess Oda so a German name would not have been surprising in his family.

They met in battle and Eirik won the victory, while Ulfkel was put to flight, as Thord Kolbeinsson tells in his Lay of Eirik:. Then Domabur offered the archbishop some advice.


The duke brought his troops to a place called Demmin and laid siege to a town there.

After that time had passed, he gathered an army in Denmark for a campaign overseas, also sending word to his brother-in-law Earl Eirik in Norway to levy troops and join him on an expedition to England, since Earl Eirik had a great reputation for courage and leadership in war, having won two of the most famous battles ever to be fought in Scandinavia; one of them the battle King Svein Forkbeard, Olaf King of Sweden, and Earl Eirik kntlinga against Olaf Tryggvason at Svold, the other fought by Earl Hakon and Earl Eirik against the jomsvikmgs at Liavaag.

These wars were preceded by the Wendish Crusade of A meeting was arranged between them at Vordingborg which Nikulas and Heinrekthe sons of Burizlavattended and King Knut divided the land between them and appointed men to watch over them.

But although King Knut fought many battles there, he failed to win the town. Being an emperor was a bit of a balancing act — comfortable footwear helped. More fighting in England Eventually the king arrives but the Danes had already disbanded leaving the Norwegians the only ones there ].

The Old Norse World

King Knut and the archbishop came back only nine days after they had left and met King Valdimar on Mon, telling him what had happened on their travels knytlingw delivering both money and hostages.

The noble marriage-knot, was nourished, I know, when king and earl entered upon warlike action: The natives gathered together an army and went forward to fight the Danes, as Thord Kolbeinsson tells:.

That summer King Valdimar sailed once more to Wendland and the dragon-ship was damaged. At Ashington, you worked well in the shield-war, warrior-king; brown was the, flesh of bodies served to the blood-bird: Then King Valdimar called his counsellors together ago consult them about what should be done, and Bishop Absalon gave this reply.


He fought a battle that summer at Jomsburg in Wendland and won the victory, burning down the stronghold and many other settlements across the land. Later he fought great knytlingq in Northumberland on the River Tees, kytlinga many there, while others fled to perish in bogs and ditches. About that time, the Danes established their house-carles in England, paid soldiers and the bravest of warriors, who did most of the fighting against the Englishmen.

Knytlinga saga | Danish mythology |

When it was growing dark, two good horses were fitted out with the finest riding-gear. To London town Speed and sense are rare companions. He plundered widely both to the east in the Baltic and south in Saxony.

Then they broke knytlinha and ran, though some of them caught a glimpse of the king riding away from the Danes.

Olaf goes reluctantly and gets imprisoned by his brother the king. Next morning, the king ordered them to put out to sea, and they began rowing against a raging gale. So he ordered the East Wends to go plundering in Denmark. The men were ashore, and when they saw and knytlinha the earl they crowded round and welcomed him as if he had risen from the dead, for he was so popular everybody loved him. This battle took place in the spring, about Whitsuntide.

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