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They fall short of the stature of the ‘s though. I’ve also worked with JBL A’s extensively. They use a different cabinet design and different drivers. Find great deals for JBL Studio Monitor A Pair. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for JBL a Pair Three Way Loud Speakers Studio Monitors. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Mine have been jjbl as well, which makes for a more revealing, smoother sound. It would seem a smaller two-way would be more appropriate as your center channel though, but I seldom listen to three large inch 3-way boxes just two-feet from their baffles.

JBL Studio Monitor A Pair | eBay

Well, they have different look and different crossover. There are two versions, the oldest of the team is good practice rglages mdium acute faade, the MODEL current catalog is dpourvu, and that’s a shame. Thanks for the replies, folks.

Me I 4142 things that just work straight out the gate. MastrbuilderMay 21, They use the same or similar driver complement. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

mattera91’s review – JBL – Audiofanzine

Which one has better stereo image? KreshnaAug 21, If it were me, I take the real wood veneer and level controls. Your name or email address: I’m going to re-veneer my JBL Ti’s anyway, so I could use the same veneer for the single A that will be used jb center for the Ti mains.


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As for veneer, I can always re-veneer it anyway. Jim joinermech and Kreshna like this. Changing the foam every years jhl so should keep them correctly damped, so no shrillness. Well, I can’t, part of the upgraded paint job was rounding the corners a bit to cut down on refraction, since I can’t soffit mount them.

I skinned a pair of ‘s with fancy walnut, they came out great. For example, which model is more musical?

Or you could swap the Ti into theand clean up the veneer. I possd a pair for a year or two, I know them well Never missed it, in fact my pair has been “ruggedized” with truck-bed coating.

That and the rotted foam under the domes that makes them shrill. I can bring my s over and we can compare. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Log in or Sign up. In comparing the tweeters I find the Ti a better all around fit to my ears. As for the cheaper crossover, the only real difference is the L-pads being eliminated. The only default for an amateur is that their horizontal prsentation is not what is best for the image, but we can always rotate them because they exist in pairs symtrique.

But are they sonically much different than each other? I think you’re micro-managing a simple issue. Bdbras84Chris Brown and Kreshna like this. I totally disagree with all that think the A is a better speaker.


James Hart and Chris Brown like this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. If you like playing with them, by all means do so. KasonbiggselitopusGoldjazz and 2 others like this. SOUNDS It is loud and clear over the entire curve rponse, no problem but they are dynamic ct gourmet prvoir of watts, and good Which one is arguably the better model?

JBL 4412 Floorstanding Speakers

Every one is well past it’s “replace the foam” date! Never missed the veneer either. In this case, I agree with BMWCCA, get out your reference music, a mbl center channel amplifier and set up the A into your desired position and listen, take notes, tweak, listen, take notes, change A orientation even place woofer uplisten, take notes, rinse and repeat.

Or is the difference only skin deep?

Sadly I haven’t got the chance to audition them to compare between the two. Never missed the adjustments, they always just sound right. Without other means like room measurement, RTA, spectrum analyzers, room correction software, you will have to use more empirical methods to evaluate the gear you have and the potential for improvements in what you’re listening or looking for.

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