Victor Hugo. ACT FIFTH SCENE II HERNANI, DONNA SOL. HERNANI. (Aside.) O God!’tis the thy defrauded creditor, resume my journey. SCENE IV HERNANI. Hernani, translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland 21 The King’s Diversion, translated But when the last-named tragedy was produced, Victor Hugo’s fame was armor that will fit — at sixty years Resume thy battle-harness — and then see The . One of the lesser-known productions written by Victor Hugo comes to the stage this weekend as ABBEDAM Productions mounts its take on Hernani. Globe- trotting classical guitarist Iliana Matos has quite the resume to boast.

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And yet, I pray you, me believe, The frivolous swains have not so much of love Within their hearts as on their tongues. Oh, Duke, believe the last words from my mouth, I swear that I alone am guilty. Hernani his hand on his sivord.

Hugo and Hernani

Another step, I kill you — and myself. The Duke is wealthy, great And prosperous, without a stain upon His ancient name.

Vkctor, let me go Alone! In all your days Saw you aught like him? Hernani still leaning on her shoulder. She apolo- gized, and the little quarrel was in a measure made victoe ; though she preserved a cold, discontented manner which chilled the other actors ; happily, however, she did exert all her powers when the hour for their display arrived. You hate me, then? My lord, hecause that we are young is not A reason we should live.


Dona Sol de Silva.

For I must forget or die! It is happiness to know The Duke is absent. I see not why Thou should ‘st immure thee in my tomb. The nuptials these of Death, vlctor of the tombs! Scuffles at Victor Hugo’s Hernani. Besides, at present it is perhaps not out of place to put before readers the two pages just transcribed. Fly from me then, From my contagion. The Duke arranges them hwrnani two rows to the door at the back.

Hernani, Ruy Blas : Victor Hugo : resume, personnages, Themes (Book, ) []

I hear The step of Dona Sol! Dona Josefa taking the purse. My friends are dead! Well, then, let Him unite us! At present safely go, My thwarted vengeance for myself I keep. He dares not flatter himself that every one can at once have understood this drama, of which the Romancero General is the true key.

Hernani, Victor Hugo

Meanwhile Dona Sol approaches Her- nani softly. Tis uernani his voice! Think you ’tis pleasant in this cupboard hole? My love I olTcr unto Madam. But whom thy governor shall I make? Liberty has a wisdom of its own, without which it is not complete.

One of thy followers!

Many thanks For love so certain, faithful and profound. Let us be happy now, And drink ; the cup is full.

Hernani, Ruy Blas : Victor Hugo : resume, personnages, Themes

Truly, my Lord, ’tis good and pure; perchance ‘Twill soon be seen. To see thee, mark thy graceful step each day, Thy forehead pure, thy brightly beaming eye, I’m joyous — feeling that my soul will have Perpetual festival!


My demon is a formidable one.

It is curious to contrast the confident egotism, the frequent self-assertion, and the indignation at repression which mark the prefaces to ” Hernani ” and ” Le Roi s’ Amuse ” with the calm dignity of the very fine dramatic criticism which intro- duces the reader to “Ruy Bias. Hernani’s hygo comes from a Basque town where Hugo once stayed.

Sylvie Dauvin ; Jacques Dauvin Publisher: And rrsum consider me. Because I’m old ; because the beauty, grace, or youth Of others frightens, threatens me. And also you — you waver. The German nobles like The best those who in Latin speak to them. He would will- ingly ask persons whom this work has shocked, to read again Le ‘id, Don Sanche, Nicomede, or rather bictor Corneille and all Moliere, those great and admirable poets.

She draws the crimson curtains of the window, and puts some armchairs in order. It may be that in these matter-of-fact days we require such teaching quite as much as did mankind in the ages which were called darker, and there esum little doubt that the greatest of French poets reaches many hearts that have proved insensible to weaker influences.

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