This paper model is Samaritan Revolver, Hellboy’s weapon, based on the Hellboy comic and film, the papercraft is created by UHU You can download this. This is the Samaritan gun, the big-barreled shooter that Hellboy uses only after muttering Samaritan Gun Papercraft [Way Nifty via ToyCyte]. We thought HAL was pretty cool, but this papercraft model of Hellboy’s Good Samaritan is ridiculously detailed, down to the hammer, cylinder and.

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Samaritan-Gun Hellboy Revolver Papercraft

So the first thing to do is make it look horrible. These last layers were applied with more of a scrubbing motion and very little paint on the brush.

Not a fault of the model, per-se, just a personal choice. I buy this in large sheets from a stationers. Find all posts by jparenti.

The spring came from a cheap pen. I left it overnight. The archway in which this was glues was skinned over gin with two layers of well glued card to give a secure anchorage. Check out the video after the jump…. Very impressive project MM, and a nicely detailed build thread!

Hellboy – Samaritan Revolver Free Paper Model Download

It will need a few more coats, though. Find all posts by Zathros.

Resources saved on this page: Smells a bit though. I mean, who takes the time to create gun replicas out of paper? The BPRD logos were picked out in a dirty silver colour ; and highlighted and shaded a bit for a bit extra life ; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cardmodel turned into something so fantasticly detailed and so apparently real!


It is really fantastic. The site is translated from Japanese pretty funny to just read googles translation so good luck. A superglue accelerator is also usful, but not hugely important. BB code is On. This all fell in a heap of course when I discovered my barrel wouldn’t fit.

Send a private message to mousemuffins.


The second papeercraft fills in much of the area not coverd by the first. I’m still trying to spot the point in the build where the card model is replaced with the real thing! I didn’t, and now all my wonderful rifling is yuckky at the top where I had to cut 3mm out of the tube UHU02’s Hellboy Samaritan build Okay, in the tradition of all things card modeling, I’m papeercraft to start a new project before I finish the last one see nothings colt navy build thread I’m about as far as I can go until the weather clears heellboy a bit.

The kit comes with a printed liner, but of course I wanted proper rifling, so I cut some thin card into strips an applied the to the printed part.

I could never never really get that crane to look like a crane. I really hope it fits past the catch thingy on the back What was the final superglue count? The rest of the build has gone relatively smoothly so far, don’t forget to bevel the edges of the outer barrel pices so they fit nice and tight together. It’s really starting to take shape now.


I use an auto body primer, beause it dries enough to work with very quickly. I remember nellboy grandmother bought an Origami book when I was pretty young. Mind you, I have a barrel assembly I can stand on now. Find all posts by Plastic Bonsai. Anyways, this goes a little bit beyond cranes and hearts. I the painted most of it silver, as it would be difficult to reach with a brush later on.

It would probably be different if I tried again…or maybe not. I remember laughing at afternoon cartoons whenever a cartoon bomb would blow up in an animated characters face…. I tend to use the wet and dry type.

As I’ll be painting this thing, print quality is not important, as long as the parts are clear enough to use as patterns. Now, I mentioned earlier that large quantities of superglue are required for this type of construction. I made gn as a full tube and cut it to fit.

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