Seek your fortune in the lands of Greater Harad where merchant-lords dominate the roads and sinister tyrant enthroned in Tul Isra rules the once independent. The first Apysaic speakers settled to the southwest of Far Harad, in the areas called Hyam, Eloma, Miredor, Drel, and Pel. The second wave of Apysani entered. Greater Harad has become impossible for me to distinguish from the overhaul I gave it. I poured more ambition into this module than any other.

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That dragon-head-mountain in Nazgul’s Citadel is pretty cool. Jeff Do any of these southern areas link up with the Ardor module?

Hey Allan – I didn’t run across any direct mention of the Court of Ardor. That happens to be one of the books I don’t own, so if there is any indirect mention of it, I’m not catching it. The map I was able to scare up that shows where Ardor is indicates that the four books I have cover the southern reaches not covered by Ardor.

Greater Harad

None of the ones I have are too strongly linked; the Army of the Southern Dragon, the force of Akhorahil the Rinwraith, is one of the main things in mentioned on more than one books, being detailed in three of them: If anything would also be mentioned in Ardor, that grewter be it. Ardor was published inso I’m assuming that it predates the ones you discussed above?

The MERP folk seemed to make a point of filling in yarad areas around Ardor on the map they made of the greate. Each book I have seems pretty discrete in relation to the others, besides Akhorahil and his army. Even then, it’s more that the Nazgul’s Citadel is centrally located and something of a distant threat to the whole region than anything else.

Nazgul’s Citadel details the fortress of Akhorahil that threatens Harad. It’s an impressive book of an impressive place. The size of the place is staggering. It is also pure folly for players to have their characters attempt to attack or infiltrate the place. But, that’s exactly what the draw of hreater place is – haard entire point of games like Middle-earth Roleplaying is daring, or, more to the point, foolhardy, adventures into the unknown, the facing of great dangers in hopes of rich rewards.


It’s a complex place.

It’s a pretty fancy place, ornately carved and decorated with It doesn’t seem all that menacing from these pictures, but I haven’t gotten to the best part The place is stocked with traps and troops, and even in fallow periods it would be pretty much a death sentence to tackle the place. It is a great underground city of evil, commanding passage into and out of much of Harad. It is also self-contained, always important in game terms, since the place can be dropped down into other places and worlds.

Still, I like the idea of the Nazgul’s Citadel being a rallying point for Sauron’s servants left leaderless after the One Ring was destroyed.

The armies of the Reunited Kingdom and Rohan will face a formidable obstacle to bringing peace to Harad with Ny Chennacatt occupied, even if its master has fallen into oblivion with his master.

Even with Far Harad and Greater Harad pacified and freed from evil, King Elessar and King Eomer may still face the Nazgul’s Citadel fully manned, because there are still lands to the Southwest that had been greaher by evil. Shadow in the South reveals lands far beyond even the lands of Harad, but which still felt the oppression of the Lord of the Rings.

This book details a land that is unlike the deserts of Harad. It’s a well-watered land, with lushly-forested hard and lowlands, wetlands, and rich fishing areas along the coasts. Much more hospitable than the arid plains hagad mountains to the north of jarad, it’s home to a wide spectrum of cultures and civilizations, including those of Dwarves and Elves. The writers of the book posit a heavy colonization by Grezter of this land in the Second Age, with it becoming a haven for, among others, the evil “King’s Men” who also controlled Umbar.

They came as colonists and conquerors, and fought with and subjugated many folk in the region. Still, many of them are not wholly lost to evil, seeking to maintain a semblance of peace, and are descended from Numenoreans who colonized the continent before Numenor was corrupted by Sauron.

Many of them still maintain a nominal resistance to Sauron, working against his machinations, though many remain true to their Black Numenorean origins as arrogant tyrants. Still, the cultures they encountered were vigorous in their hrad right, and absorbed and changed the Numenoreans more than they were changed. This is a vibrant setting, with numerous gretaer weaving interlocking webs of intrigue.

Evil cults, guilds of thieves, merchant “unions,” sinister rangers, mercenaries, assassins, magical monks, and the Army of the Southern Dragon all vie for power here.


Greater Harad – Tolkien Gateway

It’s potentially more complex than anything far to the North, where the attention of the Dark Lord has been turned for millennia, exhausting the lands there with centuries of war, devastating plagues, and unchecked cultural decline due to such close proximity to Mordor.

Here in the South, the Shadow has been uarad active, though perhaps more subtle, and eventually as insidious if nothing is done to check the spread of evil. It’s filled with story hooks, adventure sites, gfeater wide range of groups to interact with, but much less conflict with anything Tolkien wrote.

In many ways, this is a standalone sourcebook.

It only tangentially ties into the Middle-earth story we’re familiar with, which might be a downside for anyone looking for more insight into Tolkien’s works, but this also makes it an intriguing foray into unknown territory for Middle-earth Roleplaying gamers. It’s not Tolkien, and may turn off some purists, but it’s an interesting place.

A Fourth Age game, especially one that involves the forces of good coming South to help throw off what is left of Mordor’s evil, would have a lot of possibilities. Still, anyone wanting to play in Middle-earth is likely to want to stay up in the realms they have known and loved from the books and movies.

That’s not a knock on these books, which are some of the better ones done for MERP.

Posted by Jeff B. December 3, at Newer Post Older Post Home. The best of an awful series of pictures. The general region can be made out, I hope. A map from Nazgul’s Citadel. Ny Chennacatt, the Hsrad, is near the southwestern edge of the map. North of the mountains is Greater Harad.

This is just part of one of several levels in the Nazgul’s Citadel. One of many types of towers that bolster the walls and defenses of the Nazgul’s Citadel of Ny Chennacatt. Any bad guy with a throne like this just has to have something worth looting laying around somewhere. Danforth’s art seems especially appropriate for this book.

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