Gossen profisix looks excellent with the scale for SBR. In the mean-time I have an interesting read about incident meters in BTZS book in. Offered in Catawiki’s Cameras & Optical Equipment Auction (Analogue ): Gossen Profisix – light meter – Mint – case – is working — without. Gossen profisix looks excellent with the scale for SBR. BTZS books explains how to measure the same, which I would to experiment. But this.

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The computer dial incorporates standard exposure compensation, exposure factor compensation for filters gosswn close up work, as well as I – IX steps for zone exposure.

Smaller meters like the built-in one on my Canon 7s can be mighty hard to read. I wish there would be this device but in the same size as the smallest possible meters. In spite of mechanical display and “computer” dial, these meters are electronic as circuitry to store the light reading is necessary for flash measurement.

Adapters Size Weight Power Manual. I prefer needle and scale compared to a digital readout, but that is highly personal.

Gossen Profisix Profi-system SBC Light Meter With Case | eBay

It’s easy to read and use because it’S bigger. It has further reduced sensitivity and does not provide flash metering. Apr 24, 5.


In spite of its name, it is not related to the Lunasix at all, but does share the same range of clip orofisix accessories.

I’ve used lots of meters over the years, but never had one Profiskx like so much as this one. Profisix, Lunasix F, Lunalite Type: I think the Profisix is a very good choice with its long-lasting battery, the sturdiness, the various accessories among them a semi-spot attachment but most of all the low-light capabilities.

Interesting the comment above to this effect too. Personal tools Log in.

Gossen Profisix Profi-system SBC Light Meter With Case

The Lunasix Profjsix was positioned alongside the Lunasix and in turn was replaced by the Multisix. Personally, I like the user interface of the older Luna Pro, where I can take the reading first, and then set the dial.

Apr 24, 2. The Gossen Profisix proflsix US Luna-Pro sbc is a professional “system” exposure meter that can be fitted with a range of electrically connected accessories offering additional measurement facilities, including flash, enlarger metering, and colour temperature. And in case it isn’t clear from the posts above, the Profisix and Lunapro F use the 9 volt battery that, at least in North America, can be found everywhere.

Apr 24, 6. Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 8. If you need more detailed explanation check that book ‘Beyond The Zone System’. Gowsen adapter, color adapter, flash adapter and others.


Gossen Profisix

Also the method Mid-tone based described in this article there was a url link here which no longer exists. So I bought the battery conversion kit. Views Read View source View history. It takes the 9v rectangular battery. Gossen profisix looks excellent with the scale for SBR.

Discussion in ‘ Exposure Discussion ‘ started by baachitrakaApr 24, Both meters were high cost items. In use, the measurement button is pressed briefly to take a measurement and then the coupled computer dial rotated in the indicated direction until the needle aligns with zero “zeroed” or “nulled”. This page has been accessed 15, times.

Gossen Profisix -or- new light meter.

My understanding is that Gossen provide servicing for their products. The Profisix is hard to beat in that department. The dial has three separate rings:. Null pointer ambient and flash meter Display: Definitely a few years though.

The “Profi-System” line continued and ended with the Mastersix. In the mean-time I have an interesting read about incident meters in BTZS book in measuring the scene brightness range. Do you already have an account? Your name or email address:

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