has a list of landing sites on the Ft Rucker cantonment area that are . G3 Air at during duty hours, or Fort Rucker SDO at / after. SCOPE AND RESPONSIBLIITIES. The ARTS Grading SOP applies to all Instructors conducting training and evaluations for non-rated and rated students. FORT RUCKER, ALABAMA Fort Rucker Regulation . The Fort Rucker local flight rules are published in Fort Rucker Reg

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In addition, early contact with the appropriate DAR is necessary to ensure effective and timely coordination with the FAA.

USAAWC Regulation and Fort Rucker Regulation ppt download

These forms are normally submitted in advance; however, the installation rucier permit the aircraft operator to complete the DD Form series of forms after the first landing. Unmanned aircraft systems accident and incident reporting. AO surveys are required to obtain obstruction and topographic data to support development and maintenance of TERPS and flight inspections. Section I Instrument Procedures. An LOA detailing the training support agreement between the fixed-base ATC facility manager and the respective unit commander is required.

If the area begins at the surface the U. The document will detail the type of operations proposed and those procedures, restrictions, limitations, responsibilities, and requirements of each party. Maintenance personnel certification criteria. The approving authority will assign identification numbers per paragraph 9—12 when requests are approved.

ATC leadership will develop 95-22 procedures to comply with existing local traffic patterns, arrival and departure procedures, noise abatement procedures, and airfield operating rules. Military ATC personnel serving in staff positions whose duties do not include the control of actual air traffic are required to maintain a current flight physical. Ensuring safe ATC operations is critical to mission effectiveness and will be considered in all evaluation activities.


Civilian ramp operations are to be segregated from military operations on an ruckfr. When safety of flight is involved, a corrective amendment to an instrument procedure will be issued immediately in a NOTAM.

USAAWC Regulation 95-1 and Fort Rucker Regulation 95-1

Positions requiring secondary frequencies. Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. Coordinate all such letters with the appropriate DAR during the development stage or upon modification. Foreign nationals employed by DA in U.

Noise Management Program

CALPs are not renewable. Objections to proposals submitted by other airspace users will be submitted as follows:. Other forms of hold harmless agreements are not acceptable and are grounds for denial of use. Published by Kailey Wix Modified over 3 years ago. Unit commanders will cooperate with and assist FAA and host country ruker and review teams visiting.

Contractual agreement to any Federal, State, or local government agency in support of operations involving safety. This may require offering evidence. For revocation of an ATC equipment maintenance examiner designation, the designated authority noted in para 8—3 a will state in the memorandum of revocation the cause for revocation when the technician or repairer:.

Name of the insurance company.

AR Air Traffic Control, Airfield/Heliport, And Airspace Operations

The monitoring categories prescribed in FAAO It is Army policy to permit the U. Foreign civilian aircraft participating in civilian fly—ins will be processed in accordance with Category Provide management direction and control flrt those ATC program activities assigned or delegated to other. The identification number will ruvker a three-letter location identifier; the two-number category obtained from table 9—1; a two-digit number for the calendar year in which the permit was issued; and a three-digit sequence number of the approving authority for example, for ASA—01—05—, ASA is the U.


All others are required to maintain tactical proficiency as described in TC 3— Frequency assignments no longer required will be cancelled with the Army spectrum manager.

The minimum liability is: Army Ruc,er and airspace technical authority. The amount of insurance carried will equal or exceed the minimum requirements shown in table 9—2. Civilian controllers in staff positions that do not include the control of actual air traffic are not required to maintain a current flight physical.

Provide a copy of the appointing memorandum to the Commander, U. This information is used in determining whether or not to approve the request.

Comply with additional notification requirements established in the COA when applicable. Replacement of air traffic control specialist certificate. Air traffic control specialist examiners and control tower operator examiners a. Includes not more than one accompanying news media aircraft. Provide guidance and information at installation planning board meetings concerning airfield facilities, fodt.

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