Add the following else if condition to this method: //1 else if result is ORKFileResult { let fileResult = result as! ORKFileResult //2 retDict[“contentType”] = fileResult. A slightly more sophisticated example is the FileResult class. This class supplies a public property, the ContentType property that contains the. For example, to return a pdf file from the server the Content-Type should FileResult: FilePathResult, FileContentResult and FileStreamResult.

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In the coming sections we will see how we can easily return a file as response to the clients. AsyncUtil — C Helper class to run async methods as sync and vice-versa A useful helper class written in C Sharp to help developers working with async and sync methods in ASP.

You can see the source code here. TryGetValue mimeTypeout extension. Step 5 Name the view and select tileresult without model ” as the template. This is undoubtely a major issue that might leads some to prefer the following method instead.

How to return a file as response? We don’t need fileresupt worry about adding any headers in the response the action results will take care.

Get a File Content-Type / MIME-type from file extension in ASP.NET C#

Uploading multiple fileresultt 5. POSTing a file to the server is quite simple. We discussed about the different types of file action results that helps to return files from the server and even we created a custom file action result that returns a file from string.


Adding the Content-Type header is not a big deal while determining the value of the Content-Disposition header is not an easy job and the FileResult class uses a private class ContentDispositionUtil for that purpose. Step 9 Create a link to call the downloadfile method of the home controller.

How a browser knows what file type is returned from the server?

Issue with the PDF file name generating using the FileResult | The Forums

The value providers are the components that gets the value needed from the particular source query-strings, form etc. November 14, November 14, The main benefit of this technique is the simplicity: Creating custom validation attribute is not a contehttype job! The Content-Type header is the one that says the browser what kind of fileresullt is being returned from the server. Notify me of new posts by email. MVC framework eases the job of returning files through its built-in action results.

To understand how it generates the header see the source code. If you forget setting the proper encoding type then only the filename is submitted not the file. Click on the “Add” button. Visual Studio New Features.

Step 12 Create a link to call the downloadTextFile method of the home controller. The important thing to note down is the file parameter name should be same as the name of the file input control in the above case it is photo.


Example, when you return a pdf file, some browsers knows how to display the pdf files inside it, same for images. How about reading multiple files POSTed to the server?

Step 3 Name the controller as in the following: Instead of manually reading the file from the Requestby taking the advantage of model binding the file can be made directly available as a parameter in the action as contentrype in the below listing. This class contains a single abstract method called WriteFile that every subclass should implement.

We can even pass a file download name to the FilePathResult. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And it will add an action result method to the controller. So why another article? You can see the complete code of FileContentResult here. To return a file from server all we have to do is set the proper Content-TypeContent-Disposition headers and write the file into the response.

For the content-types the browser can’t display to the user it opens the save dialog ex. GetAssembly typeof HttpApplication .

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