plwiki Ewangelia Nikodema; rowiki Evanghelia lui Nicodim; ruwiki Евангелие от Никодима; svwiki Nikodemusevangeliet; ukwiki Євангеліє від Никодима. chiar prin cuvintele lui Isus însußi, ßi, la fel de bine, prin Lui Nicodim, fruntaßul iudeilor care a venit la Isus în vestea Evanghelia Împäräþiei lui Dumnezeu. Uploaded by. valibuteica · Cabala-Atingerea- Uploaded by. valibuteica · CABALA

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Gospel of Nicodemus – Wikidata

On this account I say to you all, in order that when you see Him you all may adore Him, that now only is for you the time of repentance for having adored idols in the vain upper world, and for the sins you have committed, and that this is impossible at any other time. For, since I have received you to keep you safe, by experience shall you learn how many evils I shall do unto you.

How have you dared to do such evil? We have been conquered: For wherever he found my evangghelia, he persecuted them; and whatever men I made crooked, blind, lame, lepersnicpdim any such thing, by a single word he healed them; and many whom I had got ready to be buried, even these through a single word he brought to life again.

But it is wonderful that He has not risen alone, but that He has also raised many others of the dead who have appeared in Jerusalem to many. I, as you say, was a robber and a thief in the world, and for these things the Jews laid hold of me, and delivered me to the death of the crossalong with our Lord Jesus Christ. Beelzebul, heir of fire and punishment, enemy of the saintsthrough what necessity did you bring about that the King of glory should be crucified, so that he should come here and deprive us of our power?

I was not afraid of him, but worked in the Jewsand they crucified him, and gave him also to evanguelia gall with vinegar.

Gospel of Nicodemus (Part II, Greek Form)

If, therefore, we receive him here, I am afraid lest perchance we be in danger even about evannghelia rest. When Hades heard, he said to Satan: Heir of darkness, son of destruction, devilyou have just now told me that many whom you had made ready to be buried, be brought to life again by a single word.

Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Nicpdim Where, O Hades, is your victory?


All these things we saw and heard; we, the two brothers, who also have been sent by Michael the archangel, and have been ordered to proclaim the resurrection of the Lord, but first to go away to the Jordan and to be baptized.

While, then, He was hanging upon the crossI, seeing the miracles that were done, believed in Him, and entreated Him, and said, Lord, when You shall be King, do not forget me. For I not long ago swallowed down one dead, Lazarus by name; and not long after, one of the living by a single word dragged him up by force out of my bowels: Wherefore also I adjure even you, for your benefit and for mine, not to bring him here; for I think that he is coming here to raise all the dead. Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight.

Prophets and patriarchs, hear. What, Seth, do you ask? Do you not knowO blind, that I when living in the world prophesied this saying: We then were in Hades, with all who had fallen asleep since the beginning of the world. And while He was going, the holy fathers accompanying Him sang praises, saying: One of them answered, and said: And immediately with these words the brazen gates were shattered, and the iron bars broken, and all the dead who had been bound came out of the prisons, and we with them.

This light is from the Fatherand from the Sonand from the Holy Spirit ; about whom I prophesied when yet alive, saying, The land of Zabulon, and the land of Nephthalim, the people that sat in darkness, have seen a great light. For, lo, all those that I have swallowed from eternity I perceive to be in commotion, and I am pained in my belly. And they immediately disappeared: The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. And sitting down, they wrote thus: I am Enochwho was well-pleasing to Godand who was translated hither by Him; and this is Helias the Thesbite; and we are also to live until the end of the world; and then we are to be sent by God to withstand Antichristand to be slain by him, and after three days to rise again, and to be snatched up in clouds to meet the Lord.

They therefore sent men, and they found their tombs open and empty. Who are you, who have not seen death, and have not come down into Hades, but who dwell in paradise in your bodies and your souls?


Satan therefore went forth to the outside. But now we are going away, being unable to stay here. And the love of Godeven the Fatherand the grace of our Lord Jesus Christand the communion of the Holy Spiritbe with you all.

Go, therefore, and tell your father, that after the accomplishing of five thousand five hundred years from the creation of the world, then shall come into the earth the only begotten Son of Godbeing made man; and He shall anoint him with this oil, and shall raise him up; and shall wash clean, with water and with the Holy Spiritboth him and those out of him, and then shall he be healed of every disease; but now this is impossible.

Hades, hearing the voice the second time, answered as if forsooth he did not knowand says: And this I tell you: The angels of the Lord say: Behold the Lamb of Godwho takes away the sin of the world.

We wish you to swear by the God of Israel and Adonai, and so that you tell the truthhow you have risen, and who has raised you from the dead. O arch- devil evangheloa, the beginning of death, root of sinend of all nicovimwhat evil did you find in Jesus, that you should compass his destruction? Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.

Alleluia ; to Him be the glory of all the saints. When the patriarchs and the prophets heard these words, they rejoiced greatly.

O all-devouring and insatiable Hades, are you so afraid at hearing of our common enemy? Turn and see that not one of the dead has been left in me, but all that you have gained through the tree of knowledgeall have you lost through the tree of the cross: Who are you, who hast the look of a robber; and what is the cross which you bear upon your shoulders?

O all-devouring and insatiable, hear my words.

Open, that the King of glory may come in. Christian Literature Publishing Co. You were nailed on the crossand placed in the tomb; and now you are free, and hast destroyed all our power.

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