Editorial Reviews. Review. Una gran novela de los fracasos de nuestros tiempos. Buy El testigo (Compactos) (Spanish Edition): Read 7 Kindle Store Reviews – In my opinion El Testigo is one book that every literature oriented student must read. It’s a historic fiction book that tells certain aspects in López Velarde’s life in. : El testigo/ The Witness (Spanish Edition) () by Juan Villoro and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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As a boy, Julio had spent his vacations shut up in there. In other rooms there were antelopes, pumas, wild boar, ocelots, coyotes, bighorn sheep, wolves, white-tailed deer, and hares. Filled with poetical prose, Julio Valdivieso’s journey back home could have distant similarities to the sequel of the Odyssey; Testtigo is an Ithaca having unknown voices that ask for a witness, an accomplice, a narrator of history Unfortunately, reality was intent on resembling the sort of production he had no desire to see, a low-budget horror film closing in on him with claws outstretched.

Nos podemos vincular con la gente mucho mejor por sus heridas. La metafora testogo lo que le sucede a Valdivieso como la vida de Mejico es brillante, creo yo, aunque me es dificil decirlo, no siendo mejicano.

A short excerpt from the book flap will orient you through these notes: It can be read here. The shelves by the door were stacked with tattered red magazines: Y es una pena.

At the age of forty-eight he had not produced outstanding works of scholarship. In the juddering pick-up full of swirling dust—it was too hot to close the windows—Julio remembered how much his grandparents, parents, uncles, cousins and second cousins enjoyed dunking cookies into their cups of milky coffee. Having witnessed shameful acts on a far greater scale, Professor Gaetano would surely have forgiven him. Quotes from El testigo.

Maybe she was just crazy. He juab a pact with himself. He suggested an express wedding celebrated by a magistrate in Cuernavaca. In the third courtyard, there were stone channels in which mercury had once retained the precious residues, and cupels which had turned out purified gold by the bagful. Gaetano had revealed that the thesis, his thesis, had been written in genuinely atrocious conditions.


There was no reply. He could seize Aztec prerogatives and kindle his own new fire. A man in overalls was copying the design of a frieze from a card.

El testigo

Even pomegranate punch and tranquilizers are priced in dollars. That folder of yours is almost the size of a briefcase. Each was already so individually villorl that an incestuous relationship between them would have been unimaginable. The cartels ignite most of the violent episodes of El Testigo. Mira, si rascas y rascas, cualquier dinero tiene que ver con el narco. Es un libro confuso, lleno de historias que se entrelazan, de pasados, presentes y futuros que se mezclan para mostrar el paso de cada uno de ellos.

He saw Nieves in secret, less often than before, joyfully anticipating all the time they would have together in Europe.

They drove down narrow, poorly surfaced roads, then turned onto an endless and definitively unsealed track. Vliloro seemed less dense the second time but more fun.

El testigo by Juan Villoro

They continued down a sandy road. Scrawny figures appeared from the alleyways, women with intent expressions, looking at the sky as if birds were flying there. Eso es a la vez una cualidad y un defecto del libro. In the satellite suburb of Iztlapalapa, course plans were as haphazard as the dirt tracks that led to the campus. Ha sido jian de varios Mundiales: The semi-arid landscape, covered with cacti as high as the pick-up, was occasionally uuan by the flight of a zenzontle or by stone walls, which rather than marking the limits of ranches or fields, seemed to be capricious delineations separating one identical stretch of desert from the next.

Books by Juan Villoro.

I like sitting in this box, but when I saw you come in and stumble among the chairs, it was as if you were running away from me. In the passage, under spotted wooden beams, Julio breathed the unmistakable scent of Los Cominos: It had been difficult for the Uruguayan student to get access to the primary sources. The revelation of past secrets in his life and family in the country hacienda were he spent several years of his childhood; episodes of the Cristero War in the ‘s; mysterious stories about the legend of the first Vi,loro modernist poet Ramon Lopez Velarde, and the attempt to produce a soap opera to expose why Velarde deserves the beatification from the Vatican; the reunion of old literary workshop mates and their relatively unsuccessful careers; a Mexico whipped by drug-trafficking cartels, political transition to ‘democracy’, corrupt and conspiratorial authorities, and a highly distorted reality restigo by the media.


I do want to leave you with Monteverde, an erudite priest who wants to enlist Julio in the canonization of Ramon Lopez Velarde:. The dog was nailed to the desk.

And yet, when the voices vliloro Supertramp sprang from some hostile quarter, Julio was forced to acknowledge what he was. Me gusta pensar que uno no siempre elige los libros que compra, sino que ciertos libros lo escogen a uno. A blink and ten civilizations fall. He would run through the members of the Contemporaneos group, but was admirably consistent in his failure to retrieve the name of the Uruguayan.

Notes on Juan Villoro’s El Testigo | Quarterly Conversation

Feb 24, Alejo rated it really liked it Shelves: Julio stared back at her. A woman opened the gate, accompanied by excited dogs. His big suitcase was squeezed into the back of the truck between two sacks of flour.

But why would Donosiano involve a representative of the church in vilkoro a private decision? Feb 17, Oscar rated it it was amazing. The members of the group were baptized with Homeric epithets, like characters in an outrageous epic poem.

Inventions of people who only speak by chance; the first miracle of religion is to run into someone in the desert.

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