The Elder Gods: Book One of the Dreamers [David Eddings, Leigh Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While most continents float. The Dreamers is the title of a fantasy series by David Eddings and his wife Leigh Eddings. The story revolves around four beings known as The Elder Gods. THE ELDER GODS: Book One of the Dreamers. David Eddings, Author, Leigh Eddings, Joint Author. Warner Aspect $ (p) ISBN.

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Ok, I am sorry. Jan 18, Sarah-Jayne Briggs rated it did not like it Shelves: But the final e Three books of awesome buildup, and…meh!

THE ELDER GODS: Book One of the Dreamers

Despite a variety of characters pirates, gods, aboriginals, soldiers, etc. Eleria originally BalaceniaYaltar originally VashLillabeth originally Enalla and Ashad originally Dakascan use the powers of their dreams to foresee visions of the future as a warning to an attack and cause great natural disasters capable of mass destruction and killing.

He made the daring sneak into the nest of the Vlagh like a walk in the park. I had heard rumors that Leigh had passed away and thought maybe this happened before this book. But then those three proceed to do absolutely nothing. The book was very repetitive.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Binding has minimal wear.

Every 25, years, the siblings pass on their duties to a quartet of young gods so that they can rest. Paperbackpages. Retrieved from ” https: I followed them with The Belgariad and The Mallorean. However, the banter is a little trite at times.

Rabbit, for instance, was like Silk. I must preface this by saying that I’ve read and adored the Belgariad and The Elenium.

The Elder Gods

He puts the same characters in slightly different worlds. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. In those 32 pages According to the front cover – “Nobody writes modern fantasy like Eddings” Well thank heavens for small mercies say I!

I think some of the reviews here are a bit harsh. The books are written in dreaers each with about chapters and each time a new one is started, it usually deamers background information on a specific character and then tells the story from their perspective.

The Elder Gods (The Dreamers, #1) by David Eddings

As a result, much of the action is unfurled through an observer’s lens, instead of being in the thick of things. Narasan and Sorgan move their armies to the Domain of Veltan, where they meet Veltan’s friend, Omago. And I recognised cavid Polgara’s and Flute’s personalities.

ddreamers This guy sounds like a menace to any society. I felt like I had been gypped out of the emotional investment I had put into the characters. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and rreamers post to your location. Cue four hundred pages of endless, stilted conversations among the good guys followed by a big battle in the end which the author isn’t going to describe because he can’t be bothered. What was awesome charaterization in previous books comes across as tired and unimaginative here.


He later switched to writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achieved great success. Unlike in previous books in which it did repeat but not as often, rddings this one it happened every time anybody did anything especially as the book wrapped up in a sloppy manner. This is found in all fantasy books, not just David Eddings’. Nov 08, Carolyn marked it as abandoned. Crystal gorge by David Eddings Paperback 5.

The entire series was so long winded-far longer than it needed to be and the ending of this was the cherry on the top. The dialog was drab, repetitive,unnatural, and utterly dry.

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