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It is essential for us to prove that it is possible sponsorin travel and live an amazing journey even with a tight budget. He also worked for the Dakar Rally and took part in the 4L Trophya humanitarian rally that dosiser student can join with Renault 4 cars. The documentary will be screened in various festivals and doseier conferences we will attend when we return. He developed a taste for adventure, and learnt the values of mutual assistance and sharing.

Our goal is to shoot high quality images. May it inspire anyone who has a challenge, a dream or an idea to fulfill! You have contributed to the construction of 3 kindergartens where children are now already enjoying themselves.

He has always interested in sports, such as athletics and martial arts, which he practiced. The technical checks went OK.

Dossier de sponsoring

The Marathon leg went really quite well. G uillaume is a project dossier in automation and industrial computing. Tomorrow comes the marathon leg: Our gear is suitable for travel and optimized for such an adventure.

Guillaume is the one with the map in his hand, finding a way to resolve any situation.

Download 4L Trophy : Dossier Sponsoring · GOGO 4L –

It is easy to justify our means dossisr transport for this trip. T his adventure will be captured in a 52 minutes documentary that will deal with several topics:. The Ice-cream Road — China, Our super 4L easily dealt with the obstacles.


As a result of the efforts of everyone involved in this adventure, the Children of the Desert association, which organises the collection and distribution of the gifts delivered by the teams from all over Europe, announced the dosssier Very happy to find a shower and toilets too!

You can stop whenever and wherever you want. Two classrooms and 20, children will benefit from the equipment delivered. Our boat sails at 3 am and tomorrow well be on the road for 8 hours.

Raid 4L Trophy 2015

O f paths, trails, roads, mountains, plains, deserts, cities, villages… Motivated tropyy never before, we will go and meet many civilizations and landscapes.

K evin has been holding a camera in his hand since he was Your brand will appear on our pictures, web videos, documentary, social networks and website.

Hey Bro is our project that will take us, and you, all around the world, using this good old way of locomotion, ecological, economic, and after all so modern: O ur budget is calculated in accordance to personal experiences and many feedbacks from previous adventurers. Wednesday 25 FebruarySuperb day again today. As a child, he was a scout, as his brother Kevin. O ur adventure started inwhen the second brother was born.

I n order to promote the natural and cultural wealth of our planet and its inhabitants, ecological and economical ways to travel like cycling, we decided to produce a documentary 52min and short videos 10min to be published on the web every two months. Thursday 19 FebruarySafely arrived in Seville.

Most of the time, he has been traveling by bike: M any encountersvarious backgrounds and amazing landscapes are waiting for us. I t is a physical exercise like any other. The format is an orienteering race that runs over sponsorin best part of two weeks.


Considering our budget, the bikes are a huge expense but in the long term, we will save a lot of money. We will regularly communicate about our adventure so yrophy you can all share our story. T his adventure will be captured in a 52 minutes documentary that will deal with several topics: A humanitarian effort first and foremostYesterday, Tuesday 17 February, our team set off from Annemasse at 9 am to join up with the other teams from Savoie and Haute-Savoie in Albertville.

Here are a few photos of tropphy departure village to give you an idea of the ambience. Overnight stop in Montpellier.

Calaméo – Des Airs De 4L

Today was a very emotional day for you and for us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. He is always up for adventure and new challenges. A trip around the world also means: Just very sad that the end is drawing near. O ur bikes are not amphibious, so we will need help from boats and planes to cross the oceans, depending on what we will find troophy the spot. He likes challenges as well as discovering original places.

Friday 20 FebruaryHello Algeciras! Or ask local people to help us find a roof under which we can have some rest. As we are conscious that producing bikes is a tiny part of global pollution, we chose a local manufacture in order to avoid shipping and its consequences.

Its going to be a long night and day! Biking is ecological I t is for us a way to travel without spoiling the environment. W e are Guillaume and Kevin!

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