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On the periodic structure of the business cycle. The analysis is complemented with the inclusion of an economy diversification index that represents an empirical measurement of the agglomeration economies to analyze the local economic structure.

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Scale and scale effect in market-based accounting research. Box jenkins seasonal forecasting: These variants regarding the non-observable heterogeneity give rise to two types of models: The most dynamic activity divisions of the manufacturing industry are identified and, by estimating a function of employment with panel data for each of the nine major divisions of manufacture, it is reported that the activity divisions: Norwalk, Connecticut.

The Journal of Industrial Economic, 4pp. For the period of — manufacturing stopped growing at the rates that characterized it until before the crisis of and has followed a similar tendency to the behavior of the Mexican economy with an average rate of 2. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 15pp.

The results indicate that the performance of the regression models depends on the forecast horizon and on the degree of curvature of the series. Specifically, the existence of a vicious cycle between the low growth in production and the low growth in employment stands out which leads to low incomes and thus a limited market growthwhich perpetuates the vicious cycle of economic stagnation.


Basic metallic industrieswith coefficients of 0. Revisions of time varying seasonal filters. Implications for financial reporting and opportunities for future research. Regression models, time series, introudccion, econometrics. Non-metallic mineral products, except for petroleum and carbon derivatives and VII. Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. The explanatory and predictive power of different specifications of the Ohlson valuation models.

Journal of Accounting Research, 37pp. The random effects EA for its acronym in Spanish estimator is consistent with regard to the fixed effects EF for its acronym in Spanish estimators; H 1: The scenario becomes complicated if we analyze the period of —, during which the average growth of manufacturing was not only lower 1.

Journal of Accounting Research, 36pp. The MIT Press, A Sample Questions Iiba. The Bell Journal of Economics, 9pp.

Seasonal integration and cointegration. Review of Financial Economic, 12pp. Textiles, clothing and leather industry the period of — became a recovery phase, in the sense that in the total of the region between andthis division presented negative average growth rates. The State Space Approach. Changes in the value-relevance of earnings and book values over the past forty years.


It is formally expressed as follows: The production performance and its effects in the generation of formal employment in the Central region of Mexico are analyzed at the major division level of manufacture.

Journal of Economic and Business, 23pp. An empirical study on The automotive industry. Among the first are divisions I. Twenty years after the operations of the NAFTA began, evidence from recent years makes it clear that the balances of free commerce have not been the expected in terms of growth and generation of employment, especially in the manufacturing sector.


Evolution of the employment of manufacture per major division, — It could also be associated to the changes that have emerged in the structure of the productive sectors in recent decades, where the service sectors are gaining a greater relevance in contrast to the industrial and agriculture and livestock sectors. Regarding this point, Dussel Peters and Ortiz note that since the year employment has redirected the service industry, and manufacturing has lost 9.


The manufacturing industry is divided into 9 major divisions: A To Qualitative Field Research. Accounting for Research and Development Costs.

It is clear that between andthe final phase of the Mexican miracle was experienced with relatively high growth rates for the Mexican economy, with a 6. Forecasting with periodic models: From the census information of, and INEGI, various years some regularities at the manufacture activity division level can be observed for two periods: Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of descargaar use.

The results show that the production in division VI has practically lost is capability to generate employment.

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