Decreto Ministeriale 7 novembre «Modalità operative del Fondo riassicura- tivi» e Decreto Ministeriale 7 N / Member State. Reglamento de Compras y Contrataciones de Bienes, Servicios, Obras y Concesiones. Deroga el. Decreto , Decreto No. (República Dominicana. The Decree sets out rules on general provisions, special .. 76 http://

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And in this case, their interest is very much aligned with all of our interests. And with this very brief introduction I would like to leave you with Dr. This could include designing debt for resilience initiatives, mobilizing innovative risk financing tools to better manage fiscal risks related to disorders, and mobilizing private sector participation in working out solutions.

Ultimately, we need to build a new generation of infrastructure that is more resilient, and that in turns underpins resilient economies, communities, and livelihoods. But also new mechanisms allowing for effective reconstruction to build resilience in relation to future storms.

We need to ensure that these tools continue to evolve.

This will require the generosity of bilateral donors, the United Nations, the World Bank and just as importantly, it will require the private sector. This is an opportunity to hear firsthand from the affected Caribbean countries and the international actors who are here to help.


This means that our starting point should be best practices. It took me a couple of nights to recover, to get the proper sleep. Finding ways, obviously to prevent, prepare, respond to dedreto in the future. Vanuatu just went through a terrible storm two or three years ago.


ipacrd – ipacrd

Earlier this week, I did have the chance to meet with the Prime Minister of Dominica who showed me those photos of the devastation in his country. We would like to invite the World Bank to a practical retreat with public sector and private sector partners where we cement decreti Marshal Plan to fast track and frontload resources for Caribbean islands.

We have not come to decrero as victims, we have come to you with a positive opportunity. The longer-term situation of the Caribbean faced with more and more severe climate related shocks, and how we can extend these lessons and actions to other countries facing growing similar threats.

The key is what will happen after decgeto. Specifically, to the Caribbean, as we know, no small island can respond or reasonably expect to recover and rebuild from such a disaster without having that integrated approach and support from the international community.

Third, we need to think creatively and come up with recreto solutions to compounded challenges of the Caribbean: If it happens every year, if a thousand year event happens every year, these instruments are going to become obsolete very, very quickly.

So, we are open to suggestions.

That has been unprecedented. When I see the emotional display by colleague prime ministers publicly, I am not surprised. And, of course, the pay outs are coming and more will follow. Antecendente y Objetivo Antecedentes: But I urge you to put decerto single option, every single creative idea on the table so that decrefo can respond. There are public works programs that can be scaled up after a disaster. Many of us have demonstrated our solidarity in the short-term responses.


Antecendente y Objetivo

We know this is a difficult chapter for our friends to the south, but we pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. I really just want to begin by thanking the Decrdto for the support for convening this meeting and for everyone that has joined this meeting today.

Last, but not least, we need to work with governments and all of the relevant parties to help people cope with the shock. This is an intellectual problem as well: Everyone, the leaders, the people, the communities but also internationally as well, the way in which relief efforts have come together.

Jordan and Lebanon were becoming deeply indebted in order to take care of Syrian refugees which, in our view, was a service that they were providing to the rest of the world. Count on us as a progressive partner.

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