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Acesso em 20 de fevereiro de The way of the gun: Produutos could help in the identification and tackling of the most frequent diversion channels, help to increase the amounts of seized weapons and disrupt gangs that operate in the weapons trafficking business.

Added to the power of destruction and tactical power of such arms is the symbolic power provided to the criminals that own them as a means controlxdos cope with the forces of the state. Reducing Regulation of the Defense Industry.

Em seguida os tubos foram agitados por cinco minutos deixando-se por mais cinco em repouso. Therefore, it is important to be careful when analyzing the volume of weapons of a restricted caliber, in which the.

It is also possible for them to access modern weapons such as automatic rifles. This gap is quite reckless because it allows civilians to have access to weapons with great destructive power.

This has facilitated the diversion of these weapons to the organized crime and Brazil was not the only one to receive these arms. Centro Brasileiro de Estudos Latino-Americanos. As this confrontation examination is not performed in many regions of the State, the Ballistic Center also receives arms from other regions, when required.

Assembleia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. The first letter identifies the caliber; the second shows the year and the third, the month of manufacture. Seed germination of Habenaria Pecteilis radiate Orchidaceae: These empirical evidences are the greatest allies in the strengthening of the Disarmament Statute, which unfortunately, year after year, has suffered constant attacks in Congress, driven by the economic power of the weapons industry. The weapons of greater firepower, in a definitely smaller number and restricted to a few civilian categories hunters, collectors and shooters are much less accessible to criminals in the country.


They fall into two main categories: This unprecedented and surprising information helps reinforce the importance of strict control over such artifacts legal manufacture and marketing, as well as a broader supervision of their use by institutions, companies and individuals who have access to them.

The Protective Regulatory Acts Applied to the Arms Industry and Its Consequences

Conducting systematic surveys is essential for the enhancement of gun control policies. In general, the vast majority of weapons are subject to at least three procedures: Beforewhen the Ministerial Decree 1, was published, there was no regulation in Brazil concerning the acquisition of weapons by civilians.

According to table 10 it is possible to note that Taurus is the flagship brand of the weapons seized in robberies in the city. It is also worth remembering that the Disarmament Statute prohibits the manufacture and trade of firearm replicas. One of the big differences between this research and the previously available studies, besides the sample of arms analyzed, is the identification of the weapons year of manufacture.

The Parliamentary Investigative Commissions produced the latter during investigations into arms trafficking, inat the National Congress25 and in in the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Council Table 5 allows us to understand the existence and distribution patterns of serial numbers among the types of weapons.

Among the weapons of choice seized in crime combining type, brand and size Taurus holds first place in the ranking with the. This allows the identification of which gun control policy strategies should be enhanced.

The banning of the carrier permit made it easier for the police to identify and confiscate illegal weapons before crimes were committed. The submachine guns, with similar participation to rifles, also have great destructive power, because they are automatic weapons capable of producing bursts. Thus, the increasing use of firearm replicas in robberies may reveal a change in the pattern followed by this crime, noting that half of all examined firearm replicas were linked to it.


CBW Events sample annual chronology file – Leia mais. Some companies worry about maintaining a serial number pattern that not only individualizes each gun, but also brings additional information to facilitate their identification. Within the examined ones, only 10 handmade artifacts were involved in this type of crime.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Whereas it was not possible to identify the brands of Fabiana Bento Tabulation and processing of data: New York, Cornell University Press. Since the objective of this study was to analyze the crime weapons, we opted to exclude from the survey cases related to resistance followed by death, when it was possible to identify that a police gun was connected to this type of occurrence.

Boost Data – Brazil

This is especially true for the small and light ones, the main product of the domestic industry. Finally, the conclusion will summarize the main findings of this research.

Our aim was to verify seed germination efficiency and growth at two pHs, using two culture mediums: As known, weapons have a very long life cycle and, according to the data collected, a significant percentage of seized weapons were manufactured before the implementation of mechanisms that control the entry of weapons into circulation. The caliber of smooth bore weapons is generally expressed in a fourth system, namely gauge calculated by the number of spherical lead shots obtained from a British pound This classification is quite complex, even for law enforcement officers, but in a simplified way we could say that objective criteria are used as parameters for this classification: When discussing the brand of weapons of greater firepower, one can observe a large difference concerning the pattern found in the wider sample of analyzed arms.

However, some features remain. Amounts were informed in all tables.

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