An analysis of Paul Creston’s Sonata for E-flat alto saxophone and piano. URL to cite or link to: Paul Creston was an Italian American composer of classical music. Born in New York City to He also wrote a suite () and a sonata (op. 19, ) for alto saxophone and piano (both dedicated to Cecil Leeson), as well as a suite for. The Sonata For Alto Saxophone and Piano Op. 19 is one of the most popular termed this idea as meter-as-measure, and is central to Creston’s rhythmic.

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URL to asxophone or link to: His parents, whose name was Guttoveggio, emigrated to America from Sicily in It was not until five years after his marriage that he thought seriously of: He learned by himself, and managed to acquire a thorough knowledge of his subject. Dethier, and Pietro Yon instructed him at the organ.


Inhe was appointed organist to St. Malachy’s Roman Catholic Church, a position which he still holds.

He presently divides his days between composing, directing radio programs, playing the organ at St. Malachy’s, teaching composition, piano, and organ, and his family. Rarely does one find a student of the saxophone who has not cresston this work.

This piece was completed in and first performed on February 15, in New York by Cecil Leeson, who commissioned the sonata. The composer was at the piano. At the present time there are three recordings of the sonata available.

An analysis of Paul Creston’s Sonata for E-flat alto saxophone and piano.

With the zaxophone number of commercial recordings of serious saxophone music available, it is quite an honor that this piece be recorded three times. Creston has written two other pieces for saxophone.

The Suite for Saxophone, completed in is harmonically more complex but does not seem to have the longer melodic lines found in the sonata. The Concerto for Saxophone was completed in and is quite similar to the sonata harmonically, melodically, and rhythmically.


It tends to be a bit more contrapuntal than the sonata. Eckers – Author Primary Item Type: Creston, Paul, Sonatas, saxophone, piano, op.

First presented to the public:

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