Compulsion (An Alex Delaware Novel) [Jonathan Kellerman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A crisp clean softcover (as new). Compulsion [Jonathan Kellerman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A tipsy young woman seeking aid on a desolate highway disappears into the inky black night. A retired schoolteacher is stabbed to death in broad daylight.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Will Alex and Milo be able to solve it? I find the two main characters–Alex and Milo–very interesting. They went into hiding because they convinced him to go into his boss’s van and that is what lead to his death.

Compulsion – Jonathan Kellerman

I decided to give the series another try a couple of months ago and read one in which Alex had split with boring musical-instrument-maker girl It’s ok. Jun 11, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: It’s still worth reading because it’s Alex Delaware well and Milo but this one was not the most stellar.

Also, it is only recently that Alex has gotten back together with his long-time girlfriend, Robin Castagna. Then the pace picks up with the murder of a retired schoolteacher and the recovery of the body of a jonathah woman. Jonathan Kellerman’s run out of plots. There are a few instances where Alex kellermna investigating solo that seem somewhat unrealistic but after re “Compulsion” is about the seemingly unrelated deaths of a young girl, an older woman, and two hair stylists in a small town outside of LA.

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Book review: Jonathan Kellerman’s *Compulsion: An Alex Delaware Novel*

Antoine was killed by his boss. Oct 14, Moira rated it really liked it. I want to know why the killer castrated himself. Words are how you get inside someone else’s head — as Stephen King said IIRC, the closest thing we have to telepathy.

Compulsion: An Alex Delaware Novel

Yes, I know it comes off as weird or obsesso when I get so incensed over details. Maybe Kellerman is getting as sick of him as I am. Milo Eats w A fun vacation read, but not appreciably different from the other Alex and Milo books. The worst books are the ones we read and realize have no affinity to reality whatsoever.

A few weeks later, a woman is stabbed to death in her front yard, the killer makes his escape in a Merc I had an epiphany last year when I read my umpteenth Alex Delaware novel: First, there is a death row inmate in Texas claiming to have killed a young man in California whose murder has remained unsolved for sixteen years. I got really tired of the goofy similes and metaphors.

This book doesn’t give you much background development of the characters – there seems to be an assumption that you have read some of the earlier books.

You see a fifteen-year-old capable of something like that? Alex offers to eat with Milo but Milo isn’t hungry. Writers are supposed to be careful with language! When her residence was checked, there was no indication that she planned a trip and no clothing was missing but, on other trips, she bought swim gear at the beach that she had fled to so again, not much evidence to convince authorities of a missing person.


The first comparison that comes to mind while reading this book and indeed the entire Alex Delaware series is with the character of Alex Cross by James Patterson. I’d appreciate it if you take a peek.

The gay detective with an attitude, Milo Sturgis, fits in and balances the character of Alex Delaware, creating a new and dynamic duo.

I don’t know why I keep reading them; god knows I don’t expect anything different. Their discussions are the heart of the book. He needs to work on some subtlety.


Milo is also charged with investigating a second murder, a cold case. In a change from past mysteries in this series, Alex seems to be given more official approval, even going to New York City on the LAPD expense account to talk with some people who might have known the suspect. Some people see thru these twists and see things coming–I seldom can figure a mystery out.

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