Pour réussir leur avenir Fournitures scolaires et matériel pédagogique pour les Ecoles, Crèches, Centres de vacances, Education. Rachel Hutchins-Viroux, Jeremy Tranmer Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2XX, UK British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A catalogue record for this book. and s: History and Stylistic Analysis. L’Essor de l’opéra américain des années et historique et analyse stylistique. Rachel Hutchins-Viroux. p.

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One should not, however, confuse the use of popular idioms with simplicity: Moore, for example, freely borrows from numerous disparate traditions. More striking than the musical eclecticism or generalized adherence virroux tonal idioms is the relationship between the text and the music.

McLean, who manipulate their peers into ostracizing Susannah. InNBC hired the composer to write a Christmas opera to be aired on the national network, where it reached a very large audience, and quickly became the most beloved American opera, as evidenced by the fact that it continues to receive more professional performances annually and to sell a great many more recordings than any other American work.


Excerpt 1 Agrandir Original jpeg, 16k. In all three of these works, the music serves the drama. The new structures they developed included opera workshops in universities, opera on Broadway and television, new, more modest opera companies without the pretensions catalogje budget of the Metropolitan, and corporate grants.

Writing appealing, accessible music came to be seen as one of the conditions for the success of American opera.


For Americans the movies have served in this way while serious music, especially opera, has had social and intellectual associations and pretensions. Her music is nearly always melodic, thereby rendering it accessible.

Indeed, the main character is a child whom, Menotti has specified, should absolutely be played by a boy, and not by an adult womanand the story is told from his perspective. McLean has said first in a solo. Appendix A – Moore Agrandir Original jpeg, k. The visiting preacher, Olin Blitch, tries in vain to procure a public confession, which Susannah refuses to make, as she is innocent. Agrandir Original jpeg, k. Furthermore, her vocal line here contains many large intervals fifths, octaves, and ninthswhich also emphasize her ebullience I, 2, The trills and heavy use of chromaticism in this theme help to create cafalogue sense of catalkgue doom.


Nationalism and the Cultural “A house divided against itself cannot stand”: He tells lies, he is disobedient. Theatre music must make its point and communicate its emotion at the same moment the action develops.

The librettos all contain typically American language. However, it is generally acknowledged that the first two truly unique American operas were premiered in He felt that text which is important to the plot or is banal in nature should be set to resemble speech as closely as possible.

The rare alterations which occur in it are only to intensify dramatic effect, usually giving it a romantic tone through modulations. She also has several coloratura passages which seem to convey through vocal elegance the physical charm and gentle spirit which characterize her. Machine derived contents note: Yale UP, BookOnline – Google Books. For instance, his musical structure communicates the leadership role of the spiteful couple of Elders, Mr.

It must come to life for the audience of today and not reek of the museum. Can I get a copy? Floyd combines folk elements and advanced compositional techniques in an original and expressive manner.

For instance, Amahl gives a dreamy, poetic account of the night sky. Amahlunlike the other two works, was intended to appeal to the whole family.

The American Opera Boom of the s and s: History and Stylistic Analysis

Otherwise we shall be sailing without ballast. A group of composers in the s and s sought to answer these questions both in words, as many of them wrote journal articles putting forth their views on the topic, and in actions in the form of operas aimed at establishing a unique national repertoire.

A version identical to this last one appears when Sam resolves to kill Blitch II, 5, These accessible moments contrast with the frequent recitative, which is often dissonant and rarely melodic. Plus, it is higher in pitch, and for good measure, Menotti puts an accent above the note.


His technique is to employ complicated rhythms and a sort of parlando style for passages where there is much text. The song, like most of the opera, is only minimally orchestrated more like musical theater than grand opera. Blitch realizes too late that Susannah was telling the truth and tries futilely to convince the Elders of their mistake. Excerpt 9 Agrandir Original jpeg, 32k. Perhaps even more importantly for the purposes of this paper is the key role Menotti played in launching the opera movement: The aria is written in classical A-B-A form, and though the aria is in B-flat major, in the A sections, Moore scrupulously avoids As and E-flats in the vocal line, therefore lending the pentatonic sound of the American West to the aria.

Most of the work is sparsely orchestrated.

You can view this on the NLA website. The Magi and the Mother proclaim the wonder of this miracle. For example, the lively fiddle tune which opens the first act unmistakably tells the listener where the action takes place, as does the square dance which follows.

The first line of his libretto, which begins at a summer hoe-down, sets the tone for the rest of the work: In so doing, he is instantly cured of his lameness, and is able to walk.

Excerpt 2 Giroux Original jpeg, 60k. Similarly, in the pivotal scene in which Susannah explains cata,ogue Sam why she allowed herself to be seduced by Blitch, Floyd sets these phrases very quickly in realistic rhythms of speech, creating a fairly natural effect of a shouted tirade II, 5, ; for excerpt two, click here.

Yet, the interior structure of the scenes is not Italianate, but Germanic. YY hbk Main Reading Room. Indeed, his use of various idioms seems to be as much symbolic as it is stylistic.

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