Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, (2) It extends to the whole of India 2*** 3***. (3) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official. Cantonments Act, DEFINITION AND DELIMITATION OF CANTONMENTS of cantonment fund when area ceases to be included in a cantonment.

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Cantonments Act, (Act No. II of ).

Power to delegate functions of Executive Officer. Provided, further, that priority shall be given in the order hereinafter set forth to the following liabilities and obligations of a Board, that is to say,- a to the liabilities and obligations arising from a trust legally imposed upon or accepted by the Board; b to the repayment of, and the payment of interest on, any loan incurred under the provisions of the Local Authorities Loans Act; c to the payment of establishment charges; d to the payment of such expenses on account of pauper lunatics sent from the cantonment to public lunatic asylums and mental hospitals as the Government directs the Board to pay; and e to the payment of any sum the payment of which is expressly required by the provisions of this Act or any rule or bye-law made thereunder.

Power to require execution of work, etc. Such cheques shall be preserved under lock and key in the custody of the Executive Officer until the accounts have been audited, when they shall be destroyed by the Auditor, who shall certify to the destruction upon the counterfoil. The Executive Officer shall be responsible for the recovery of all such advances and shall bring to the notice of the Cantonment Board any case in which the recovery has not been made in due time. Substituted by Act 15 ofsection 34, for “District w.

When the assessment list has been prepared, thea[Executive Officer] shall give public notice thereof, and of the place where the list or a copy thereof may be inspected, and every person claiming to be the owner, lessee or occupier of any property included in the list, and any authorised agent of such person, shall be at liberty to inspect the list and to make extracts therfrom free of charge. A licence granted to any person under section shall specify the part of the cantonment in which the licences may carry on his trade, calling or occupation, and may regulate the hours and manner of transport within the cantonment of any specified articles intended for human consumption, and may contain any other conditions which the Board thinks fit to impose in accordance with bye-laws made under this Act.


Constitution of Cantonment Boards. Under sub-clause a the penalties prescribed therein for brtich of bye-laws are being enhanced due to escalation in pricesSub-clause b seeks to insert new sub-section 2 to the effect that any bye-law framed by the Board may provide that a person contravening the same would be required romedy. Provided that where the action or step related to the demolition of any erection or reerection undersection or the removal of any projection or encroachment undersectionthe Board or the civil area committee or the Executive Officer may request any police officer to render such assistance as considered necessary for the lawful exercise of any power in this regard and it shall be the duty of such police officer to render forthwith such assistance on such requisition.

Provided that where it is proposed to modify a decision or order of the Board, reasonable opportunity shall be given to the Board to show cause why the decision or order in question should not be modified. Power to sanction general scheme for prevention, of overcrowding, etc.

Provided also that the Government shall forthwith direct that the term of office of such a Board shall cease if, in the opinion of the Government, the reasons stated in the declaration whereby such Board was constituted, or its term of office was extended, have ceased to exist.

Disposal of distrained property. Rule of the road. Major cnatonment Rates and Taxes.

Indian Numbered Acts

Substituted by Act 24 ofsection 7, for the original sub-section. Cantonment servant to be deemed a public servant. Power of Government to require production of documents.

Conditions of right to appeal Rule of the road. Incidence of taxation Whoever in a cantonment- a uses a public conveyance while suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, or b uses a public conveyance for the carriage of a person who is suffering from any such disease, or c uses a public conveyance for the carriage of the corpse of a person who has died from any such disease, shall be bound to take proper precautions against the communication of the disease to other persons using or who may thereafter use the conveyance and to notify such use to the owner, driver or person in charge of the conveyance, and further to report without delay to the Executive Officer the number of the conveyance and the name of the person so notified.

Provided also that the Central Government shall forthwith direct that the term of office of such a Board shall cease if, in the opinion of the Central Government, the reasons stated in the declaration whereby such Board was constituted, or its term of office was extended, have ceased to exist. Conditions of grant of licence for private market or slaughter-house. At the close of each month, the entries on each side of the pass book shall be totalled and a balance struck under the signature of the Treasury Officer.


cantonmeent The recoupment of expenditure from the last recoupment to dale, shall always be made in full so that the amount in hand will he the full amount of the advance. If any contract is executed by or on behalf of aa[Board] otherwise than in conformity with the provisions of this Chapter, it shall not be binding on thea[Board]. And may provide for such other matters as the 1 [Board] thinks fit.


Provided that the recovery of no such amount shall be made by the arrest or detention in prison of the said person]. Pay, officiating pay and leave salary not drawn but held over for future payment shall be entered in column 7, the reason for their being held over being briefly noted.

When a cantonment is visited or threatened 9124 an outbreak of any infectious or contagious disease, the Board may, by public notice, restrict in such manner or prohibit for such period, as may be specified in the notice, the sale or preparation of any article of food or drink for human consumption specified in the notice or the sale cqntonment any flesh of any description of animals so specified.

The words “after consultation with the L. Power to order disuse of house. Contracts improperly executed not to be binding on a Board.

Provided, further, that compensation shall be payable to the owner or occupier for any dmage sustained by him which is directly occasional by the carrying out of any Such operation. The Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, shall, if necessary, arrange with the Accountant-General for an expert examination of accounts in connection with the toss.

Researchers all over the world have the access to upload their writes up in this site. The word “Naval” is being introduced insection 2 to cover naval stations also consequent to the amendment ofsection 3 vide clause 3.

Owner’s consent ordinarily to be obtained. The other amendments are consequential to the substitution of new section for section A vide clause Power to enter land adjoining land where work is in progress.

Power to call for documents. All sub- vouchers and receipts cantlnment be preserved and assigned a serial number to be entered in the advance account. As cantonments vide clause 3.

Removal and exclusion from cantonment of disorderly persons. Provided that the Executive Officer shall not recover any sum the liability for which has been remitted an appeal under this Chapter:

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