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Princsea is a murder mystery novel, so there are clues the protagonists investigate to resolve it. I was in the mood for an Autumnal cold thriller, but this has put me right off the genre again. The adopted one sets fires and commits fratricide before the age of The portrayal of alcoholism and mental health are two dimensional and extremely stereotypical in nature. I could forgive it if she did this once but she uses this device repeatedly.

This story had the setup to be a great murder mystery, it really did. Lackbergs has camill impeccable writing style, pruncesa if you are a lover of the genre you should move on with The Preacher and The stonecutter both of which were just shy of 5 stars. Except maybe the old Dagmar Petren. Otherwise one is simply a sad old crone, and no one wants that, you know. So go find something else. Best damn decision I made!


This was the worst book I have read and finished and a very long time. Plus a lot of careful, interesting and varying descriptions of the coffee people brewed.

Some could do with a good haircut. If you happened to read and enjoy it, you caamilla not want to read my thoughts on it. If you picked up this book, perhaps you are craving a little Scandinavian crime fiction, thanks to the Milennium Series. And the bad guys or people you were supposed to dislike were fat and ugly.


When a woman asked our main character how she is doing after discovering the body of a former friend. It took me forever to read!

And here is my main problem with the book, it’s just not honest what it is about. It could be that small-town mentality breeds fundamentalism or that burying trauma won’t make it go away, but will only grow and fester and laa in tragedy, or that injustice leads to more injustice.

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In no particular order, the things that bugged me the most were: Books — When the young writer Erica returns to her hometown after the death of their parents to take care of your home, you can not even imagine that will be involved in. Quite honestly, this kind of writing makes me feel angry as it reinforces primitive, negative viewpoints-something our society does not need more of! The author spends an entire paragraph explaining how this woman is over weight and how disgusting she finds her.

Sometimes those descriptions princsea retold, just because.

La princesa de hielo

Nobody arrests Anders Nilson for information withholding for a whole week he knew that Alexandra was dead and told nobody. First of all, let me tell you that if you love this book, that is ok.

She hasn’t made me terribly confident that she has any idea what she is doing with the genre. Sirve para leerlo bajo la sombrilla. I persisted, put it down to poor translation but subsequently checked the translator who is A1 but re was an unredeeming slog.



Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers. I love some really terrible books and I am not ashamed of it and neither should you. Nevertheless, I want to talk a bit about why this book just did not work for me. Everyone speaks like they are a sociopath, the victim is a ‘manic pixie dream girl’, and the chauvinism is just not necessary. This book promised to be a gruesome murder mystery which is not my genre but it was the camikla club pick for this month so I decided to give it a shot.

However, this was obviously not going to be one of those super fun, cheesy novels. To view it, click here. Actually, the whole cakilla was ca,illa. This lacked both depth and mystery to me. It is the first book that I couldn’t focus on because I kept df if the author ever had a real fe This book promised to be a gruesome murder mystery which is not my genre but it was the book club pick for this month so I decided to give it a shot.

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