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fhe A strangulation interrupts the air supply AND the blood supply to the brain by applying controlled pressure. The danger in all chokes is that, if their application timing is misjudged, your two primary weapons fists are tied up and you are vulnerable to attack.

Look out for warrir or write to the publishers at the following address to order an advance copy: Once the head is grabbed, pull down into Koshi Gamae Migi and continue the turn into Migi chudan Zuki. These are the deepest secrets Gokui hidden inside the posture and technique of the kata and conveyed from master to student.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

Daz December For my family for all their help and solid support over the last couple of years – I don’t know what I would’ve done without you all. The purpose is to further disrupt the posture of the attacker and to expose the arm to a particularly unpleasant joint attack the arm is at its most vulnerable at this extremity of position – following with an Atemi strike to the mid-section and a Tetsui Zuki to the temple another anatomically vulnerable point.

However, you will need to understand the principles of the techniques to understand the timing and application of the techniques. The essence of the art of Karate is attaining a spiritual goal through the practice of the Kataso that the Karateka competes against himself and succeeds in conquering himself.

A firm grip on the shoulder clothing is established followed by a short Gedan Mae Geri to disrupt the attacker’s posture and to drop backwards. We hope you have enjoyed our interpretation of Kata in its most raw form. An obvious inclusion in this cultural communication is the ability to battle and, perhaps in feudal Japan, the need to conceal this knowledge resulted in the first Kata coming into being.


This is followed by a base grab hair, collar, shoulder, neck etc and a Hiza Geri to the floating ribs into a Mae Fumikomi to either leg depending on your reach directly to the knee joint this follows the leg to the floor and shatters the knee cap.

Consider the following posture and distancing as an alternative to the above. Warrior of the Past. In classical interpretation, all of these maybe true — in Jutsu application of Kata, none of them are. Mid-punch position Contact position 2 Contact position 1 Two points; which portion of the fist will make contact and who will be the one most seriously hurt? There is a section, coming up, which focuses on the use of fingers and thumbs in combat.

We would now encourage you to ask yourself a question. For clarity, I will bushi-uutsu all that I am about to describe as chokes or Shime Waza – choking techniques. You will probably note that, during some of the sequences, there is still the push and pull motion common to the striking arts.

The Kata themselves, therefore, are extremely well equipped to utilise the involuntary responses to attacks sclence certain anatomically vulnerable points. The practice and teaching of the art s was carried out in secret with only certain chosen individuals having the privilege of being able to learn this most secret fighting system.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

If you pull the hair thus the head in a direction, the body will attempt to follow, even fhe it means sacrificing balance, posture tthe position. Palms We feel that, as previously stated, anything you can strike with a palm you can just as effectively strike with a closed fist. All humans, in given circumstances, will behave in a reliably predictable way – this is the script for the situation. The Science of the Warrior. The choice to include these techniques within this book was one which followed careful consideration.

Flawless execution, on both sides of the body, is paramount. The time for honour and integrity has passed when you are fighting for your life, and if your attacker has his friends with him and you are on the floor, you will be.

Here are some photos – you decide: In the third book of the trilogy, we will be covering the combat warrir of some very old kata, some white crane and high level stuff such as Higaonna Suparinpei, Higaonna Seiunchin and Aragaki Unsu. The effect of this upon the development of Karate at this time had a profound consequence.


We see no grabbing, no close- range striking, no ground-work etc. Followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi-Zuki Jodan.

Both of these scenarios are depicted below. This is delivered direct to the target, without any twist being applied – this way, at this range, maximum power can be generated. If applied with enough force, the back leg attack can result in the attacker hitting the ground very forcibly. There are six basic chokes we will briefly talk about: There are, however, exceptions to this general rule. To finalise, the unification of both the Inner and Outer doctrines is an intensely idealistic, though comparatively indistinct, axiom, known, in Japanese, as Shuhari.

Uchinadi Pinan Shodan — Henka Perpetuity B 35 Bushi-Jutsu In all instances, the most effective means of releasing a grab to the wrist is to apply pressure against the thumb — the weakest aspect of the grip.

Kick 2 — low level, close range Mae Geri Front view Side view This kick can be used in very tight, close quarter combat situations. The danger in all chokes is that, if their application timing is mis- judged, your two primary weapons fists are tied up and you are vulnerable to attack. Effects of this have been carried forward into the Karate we practice today – many Sensei still do not know the original application of the techniques within a Kata.

The Kata are essentially a record of the original Karate system; a system which was designed to deal with the chaotic nature of a live confrontation. A good example of Tachi Sabaki is the following sequence: Both of these scenarios are depicted below. Obviously, the expectation is that the ‘defender’ will turn INTO the attack.

Bushi-Jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – Darren Westwood, Andrew Paskin – Google Books

Ask your partner to perform a fast but controlled head kick — front leg or back. There are, however, exceptions to this general rule. The challenge here is not to improvise but to continually train for perfection.

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