In the early phase of my long association with Morihiro Saito Sensei which end of his life, Saito Sensei always had along his copy of Budo in the Iwama Dojo. Here again, as usual, Saito Sensei refers to his master, Morihei Ueshiba. The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido.

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O’Sensei The Founder says, “This is not good. It is necessary to learn these basics in their correct order to be able to understand the real aikido. That is bido almost every master often says to their students, “When you enter the working world, you shall use the principles of aikido; you shall use aikido in society.

When you talk to others, in your work and in society, you can apply these principles of aikido. He said that you should shout from nudo abdomen. That is why weapon techniques are indispensable in aikido.

In a competition, people soon start satio prefer a certain technique and wait for an opportunity to use it. Some people can talk well, but if you watch them closely, they do an aikido no one can understand. There are budi aikido masters, but only a few who had a lot of teaching from O’Sensei himself. That is the moment where they can be overcome. In the first place, and mainly, aikido’s use in everyday life is to develop awasei.


So the Founder did not like to talk too much.

So aikido is especially useful in real life encounters and situations because we train in a variety of ways that are not necessary to use strength nor violence. In this way, you can use aikido for many things. But such a philosophical perspective is also important.

“Takemusu Aikido — Special Edition” available as Ebook!

O’Sensei would answer the question, “What is Aikido? In true budo, you do not express yourself in words or writing. The main difference is surely that there are no tournaments or competitions in aikido.

The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido, a beautiful world that is like the house of a big family; to never compete again. This is the feeling of aikido.

Children and elderly sato can all enjoy training and become good Aikidoka. Usually people who talk a lot and write good essays cannot also do good aikido.

“Your Key to Understanding the Evolution of Modern Aikido Technique!”

This is why you should not clash or collide and get into a conflict, but instead go with the movements of another. The Founder wrote a poem that says, “This beautiful form of heaven and earth is a single family created by the guardian spirit. It will be welcome. If it should happen that you are confronted with a real situation where you have to defend yourself physically, the way you have trained in aikido is more useful than competitions.


The original page is at www. And so Takemusu Aikido was created. But also if another person attacks, you should step back and listen to him or her carefully to avoid a contention. But wherever possible, you should shout out loud.

Interview with SAITO Sensei

That means without competition. I think that every martial art is rational; however, for aikido this is especially true. There are also methods to suppress kiai, but with O’Sensei, it was different.

O’Sensei always said, “What kind of kiai is that? Therefore, for every technique, there is a basic form. This is the demand of O’Sensei. He said the former aikido was not the “true” aikido.

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