To draw a line, you need two points between which you can draw a line. The Bresenham algorithm is another incremental scan conversion algorithm. The big . E Claridge, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham. DERIVATION OF THE BRESENHAM’S LINE ALGORITHM. Assumptions: ○ input: line. The basic ”line drawing” algorithm used in computer graphics is Bresenham’s example, in which we wish to draw a line from (0,0) to (5,3) in device space.

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In Bresenham wrote: However, as mentioned above this is only for octant zero, that is lines starting at the origin with a gradient between 0 and 1 where x increases by exactly 1 per iteration and y increases by 0 or 1. Bresenham’s algorithm chooses the integer y corresponding to the pixel center that is closest to the ideal fractional y for the same x ; on successive columns y can remain the same or increase by 1.

You can use these to make a simple decision about which pixel is closer to the mathematical line. It is a basic element in graphics. A line splits a plane into halves and the half-plane that has a negative f x,y can be called the negative half-plane, and the other half can be called the positive half-plane.

Line Generation Algorithm

The Bresenham algorithm is another incremental scan conversion algorithm. Retrieved 20 December For algoritbm, as shown in the following illustration, from position 2, 3 you need to choose between 3, 3 and 3, 4. Mid-point algorithm is due to Bresenham which was modified by Pitteway and Van Aken. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Now you need to decide whether to put the bresemham point at E or N.


This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat It should be noted that everything about this form involves only integers if x and y are integers since the constants are necessarily integers. You would like the drzwing that is closer to the original line. Digital Differential Analyzer DDA algorithm is the simple line drawinb algorithm which is explained step by step here.

Regardless, the plotting is the same. This simple decision is based on the difference between the two pixel positions. It can also be found in many software graphics libraries. If the intersection point Q is closest to the point N then N is considered as the next point; otherwise E.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The label “Bresenham” is used today for a family of algorithms extending or modifying Bresenham’s original algorithm.

Bresenham’s line algorithm – Wikipedia

It is commonly used to draw line primitives in a bitmap image e. A Calcomp plotter had been attached to an IBM via the typewriter console. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The result of this plot is shown to the right.

Notice that the points 2,1 and 2,3 are on opposite sides of the line and f x,y evaluates to positive or negative. In low level implementation which access the video memory directly it would be typical for the special cases of vertical and horizontal lines to be handled separately as they can be highly optimised.

This observation is crucial to understand! A line connects two points.


By switching the x and y axis an implementation for positive or negative steep gradients can be written as. The point 2,2 is on the line.

To derive Bresenham’s algorithm, two steps must be taken.

Remember, the coordinate changes occur along the x axis in unit steps, so you can do everything with integer calculations. Wikimedia Commons has drawinh related to Bresenham algorithm.

If the intersection point Q of the line with the vertical line connecting E and N is below M, then take E as the next point; otherwise take N as the next point. To answer this, evaluate the line function at the midpoint between these two bresenhma. It is one of the earliest algorithms developed in the field of computer graphics. It was a year in which no proceedings were published, only the agenda of speakers and topics in an issue of Communications of the ACM.

The Bresenham Line-Drawing Algorithm

The algorithm can be extended to cover gradients between 0 and -1 by checking whether y needs to increase or decrease i. Bresenham’s linw was later extended to produce circles, the resulting algorithms being ‘Bresenham’s circle algorithm and midpoint circle algorithm. The voxel heightmap software-rendering engines seen in some PC games also used this principle. Views Read Edit View history.

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