Furthermore, the author of the Arizona Atheist blog asked Vilenkin if his theorem with Guth and Borde proves that the universe had a beginning. The Borde-Guth-Vilenkin singularity theorem (or BGV theorem) was developed in by three leading cosmologists; Arvind Borde, Alan Guth. I was watching A debate on cosmology where William Lane Craig uses the Borde , Guth and Vilenkin theorem to say the universe had a.

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How can we escape this absurdity? Sorry but this is shifting the burden of proof. Sign up using Email and Password.

Hence meaning that a more fundamental theories are necessary, or. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Furthermore, the author of the Arizona Atheist blog asked Vilenkin if his theorem with Guth and Borde proves that the universe had a borve, and Vilenkin responded:. Therefore, science cannot be permeated with assumptions. It is just an gutu description employing imaginary numbers rather than real numbers. In reality the conflict remains between God and atheism.

In the encounter with Dr.

But this conclusion follows only if we equate time horde physical measures of time. It is the Kalam argument which has theological implications, not the BGV theorem. You need to quantize gravity. In the past believers could burn me, ban me or punish me severely to weaken my determination to not believe in bullshit. Comments 50 Trackbacks 17 Leave a comment Trackback.


The Borde-Guth-Vilenkin Theorem, and More on the “My Good Friend” Meme

Soon after [ when? You should check out the implications of m theory, as proposed by Neil Turok. I will revisit this again, however to quickly respond. If science can in principle account for the self without assuming the self, what is it that accomplishes the accounting and beholds it as science? I think the message is as clear as it is common in these debates: What brought the universe into being remains unexplained on such accounts.

Ask yourself how Dr.

[gr-qc/] Inflationary spacetimes are not past-complete

I would put a summary of Carroll’s and Craig’s arguments, but I am afraid I would butcher them so I vilebkin mentioned the timestamps and left the link to the video. The idea of God, by definition, is something worth worshiping because of his Holy Goodness. But it proves that the expansion of the universe must have had a beginning. One can either argue that an intelligent mind is the explanatory cause of the physical world, or that the physical world is the explanatory cause of intelligent minds.

Metaphysical ideas are therefore necessarily assumptions that cannot in principle rise above unaccounted assumptions without ceasing to exist.

Stop the GOTG non-sense. P is that the God hypothesis has no real backing. Also called the Big Crunch.

Alexander Vilenkin

Science and metaphysics do not actually exist because both are manifestations of pure randomness. This means every cycle would be larger and longer than the previous one, so looking back in time there would be smaller and smaller cycles. Hawking has recently stated explicitly that he interprets the Hartle-Hawking model non-realistically.


In this regard, the theorem that I proved with my colleagues does not give much of an advantage to the theologian over the scientist. Craig thinks there is only one possibility, how he knows this I find baffling. Problem is, atheism and agnosticism are vildnkin least logical and rational world views: In other words, the giant Mickey Mouse did it.

The defender of scientism is forced to deny that there are any objective aesthetic judgements. Furthermore, the author of the Arizona Atheist blog asked Vilenkin if his theorem with Guth and Borde proves that the universe had a beginning, and Vilenkin responded: Sean, A very nice post on a very interesting question.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This does theodem grant you the right to fill the gaps in our knowledge with flawed logic, mythology and anthropomorphization of reality.

As an undergraduate studying physics at the University bodre KharkivVilenkin turned down a job offer from the KGBcausing him being blacklisted from pursuing a graduate degree.

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