Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia (@Bellascotia1) ~ Complete. Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. BellaScotia is the author of Secrets and Lies ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews ). Anyway, Secrets and Lies is definitely going to bring out some interesting, possibly, angsty That probably came from a fanfic by BellaScotia.

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He’s so loyal to you. Probably against my better judgement, I nod to indicate that we’ll stay.

BellaScotia (Author of Secrets and Lies)

I expect him to stand up, but he lies down beside me, cocooning me in his arms. Just In All Stories: I know a place in Port Angeles; they do the best Dim Sum you’ll ever taste.

Of course, if I stayed away from anyplace for ten years, I’d probably go back and find most of it unchanged. I realise that I’m looking forward to our time together more with each passing week, and when Edward’s hands grip the counter at either side of me, bracketing me in — I smile.

Secrets and Lies Contest

Seriously, you don’t have to take any time off. You were here because you wanted my brother. However, his newfound magnanimity does not extend to me, and it isn’t long bellascktia the thinly veiled taunts start up again. I’ll call you in the week and we’ll make definite plans.


He wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight. It sags in beellascotia his hollow cheeks and is craggy at his jaw line, not tight and smooth with just a hint of stubble like I remember. He presses his lips to my temple and I look up into his eyes.

He invites Jacob to sit back down and then Alice and Esme go to the kitchen to get the food. Edward and I fell in love — the only thing we did wrong was starting our relationship before he ended his marriage. So many emotions are coursing through me: He almost knocks his glass of juice over but Edward catches it.

She’s done everything she can to sevrets this easier for me and Jacob, and I won’t let you make her feel like shit because you can’t stand to see anyone happy. I appreciate that Esme tried her best, and I’d rather meet her again on more neutral ground.

AH M Twilight – Rated: He looks thoughtful for a few moments. At one time I would have argued with him about that. I am getting tired of this now.

*Fan Art* Secrets and Lies by @BellaScotia1

And as for becoming a movie star—”. My initial thought is that he has known this for months and didn’t tell me, but then a more pressing thought presents itself, and I look up into his dark troubled eyes. I hear a frustrated sigh behind me, and I turn and glare at the douche looming over me wearing an expression that I’m sure he thinks is enough to get me off the phone. He’s not happy about it but he seems to understand.


I’m leaning against the counter thinking about next weekend. By calling me a fucking bitch when I came back? This is not one of those smiles.

*Fan Art* Secrets and Lies by @BellaScotia1 | Ange de l’aube’s World: Blinkies & Banners Edition

I sit down too, feeling the coldness seep into my skin. Edward’s cutlery clatters to his plate. I grit my teeth a little and roll my eyes. You never said a fucking word to me the whole time, so you have no place to be angry for the things I kept from you. I pictured him at least twenty pounds heavier, with rugged good looks and darker, slightly weather-beaten skin. It recalls the image of her tear-filled eyes, and the utter misery my actions caused her, that was etched into every detail of her beautiful face.

Written for the Countdown to Christmas Alice and I make our way out onto the terrace. It appears neither of us is particularly hungry and we eecrets more than we eat. Esme smiles brightly and addresses Jacob again. He’d tried to hide his disappointment, but it was clear to see.

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