Description of bbmp suvarna khata application form Cf / s Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation DAiPg v AUg Ug P, AUg No. Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation. DAi斂鵬濛 g斂. 庇瑰v In who’s Name is the khatha currently registered in BBMP records. 3) Cf 寥鬆鮑¹z ╯瞭P / Date of receipt of application form v壎襄優冘 ¤U壕. Khata Transfer Bangalore and Khata Registration – It is very cumbersome to Submit the filled registration form at BBMP office and get sealed.

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My house is at medahalli near KR puram. Most probably your agent has not done his work properly. I recently bought a resale flat for which i would like to transfer kkhata khata from previous owner to my name. We respect your thoughts and views! As it is a Panchayat limit property, you can apply for e-Khatha.

Another question I have is, can someone get the khatha transferred into their name, without a sale deed? Yes, you may directly go and ask for Khata transfer service. Dear Manjula, You can apply for Khatha transfer. Are there reliable service agencies which do this job. Once the application is processedwithin weeks – one may apply for a khatha certificate.

We have a property in Bangalore of which I am the first owner. Sample application for Khatha registration or transfer is as below.

Will it be true. The person who sold me had bought it 20 years back. If you do not get property response then you may go ahead with the middle-man.


Someone more knowledgeable can throw light on this. Possession certificate — Where do I get this? Thanks for your relentless responses to every question. Does this mean my Khata has been transferred? Yes, i was asked to submit the above mentioned docs although not sure if they asked the old Khatha doc.

It makes it easy to track the status of each application online. It has three different kathas. Could you please guide on my below queries:. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hi sir, My dad purchased revenue site in s and got documented in Sub-register office, he paid betterment charges too and having uptodate tax paid receipts.

I am planning to buy a flat and thew Builder sold the flat to one person and i am buying from Them. In case, Khatha is already available in previous owner name, and you are have got it in a re-sale then you need to get Khatha transfer done.

Has the plot been divided into sub-plots? Citizens had to do multiple visits from submitting documents to payment of fees. Amit Aadarsh June 25, at 2: Let us carry out following actions independtly a Get ur Sale deed notorised- Photo copy b photocopy of property tax paid for c EC copy- after your registration d Two DDs one for betterment and other for Khata transfer e Collect Khata transfer form and fill it up NOTE: You can sell the land without getting Khatha transfer done to your name to another buyer if buyer is ok with this.


Alpine Eco This is with reference to your discussion with Mr.

Sarath I was able to login to the Khata services. Can you please suggest for my below queries. Thank you, Its an very informative site. The only other time you will be needed is to sign and collect the original certificates from BBMP.

How to Register, Transfer, and Modify Khata

I have purchased site from JR Urbania which is in chandapur anekal road. Advisable to find any other alternative. I am the trahsfer child and have the family tree issued by BBMP.

What is mutation of property?

If anybody asks, insist that you know that EC is no longer needed for khata transfer! My son bought a property in bangalore. OR Renewal Application No. So i cant take any risk.

Khatha Registration and Khatha Transfer in Bangalore

Is it under panchayat limits? You may have to submit EC if required. This is for BBMP limits. The calculation is Rs per sq m of your ‘undivided landshare’ as mentioned in your sale deed. I could not get it done earlier, I want to apply now online. Unfold by ramesh chandra guest07 Jun Dear Anil, In that case, Gift Deed can be a better option.

Suggest you to consult a Civil lawyer. Good day to you Sir, I bought a land 4 months back in Bantwal taluk Mangalore.

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