AvMap warrants their GPS receiver and accessories to be free of defects in .. The knee mount is secured to the back of the EKP-IV with Velcro and snap guides. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV user manual online. EKP-IV GPS pdf manual download. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV PRO user manual online. AvMap EKP-IV PRO: User Manual. EKP-IV PRO GPS pdf manual download.

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If you attempt to select this item in another filed, the system will beep maanual times and revert to the previous selection mode. If a GPS fix is present, the information will automatically display.

Approach From Flight Plan Database Flight Plan mode allows the pilot to plan and activate up to ten flight plans with up to individual legs each.

Wind information will be recomputed when the heading, air speed, air temperature or Altitude values are edited. Please contact your local C-MAP office for details. The default setting is MIN. Don’t have an account? If you select a local time display, continue with the next step. DO NOT use non rechargeable alkaline batteries.

The system is designed with land manuaal internal to the wkp and two Compact Flash slots for additional external data.


Page 61 GOTO destination replacing them with the corresponding airport waypoint that was originally selected. The Vertical mode is the default in order to use the unit with the attached leg mount.

This name will appear at the top of the page when avmp and in the Flight Plans List when viewing all Flight Plans.

This operation ig erase all Marks, Flight Plans, stored Track plots and destinations. As you press a key, a single audio beep confirms the key action; every time the key pressed is not valid, three rapid beeps sound indicating that no response is available.

Gps Receiver Specifications Azimuth and Elevation of the satellites used to compute a position fix.

AvMap EKP-IV User Manual

To set user preferences for the Cycle Key: Other Settings Navigational Aids: A GPS fix requires a minimum of three satellites and a poor Signal Quality on one or more satellites if preclude receiving a position fix.

It does not replace paper charts and good judgement. Manjal layout of these fields depends on By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Appendix A – Terms This section explains the terms that you may find unfamiliar.


The GoTo menu box will open enabling you to activate the current cursor position or search the Database for a specific object to fly to.

Total time when speed is greater than 35 knots.


This feature requires that a Flight Plan be activated. Fastest speed reached Current Speed: BAR – the width of the screen is equal to the bar length times the number displayed.

Page 2 In the event of a defect, AvMap, at its option, will repair or replace the product with no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor. Flight Plan mode allows the pilot to plan and activate up to ten flight plans with up to individual legs each. The Static Navigation sets a System Setup options are arranged in sub-menus. It will also return all selections Input Table Of Contents 1.

Page 36 User Manual North-up – will rotate the map automatically to keep North pointing toward the top of the display.

AvMap EKPV Installation Manual

To access from the Main Menu: A slow flashing airplane icon will indicate your current position. It will also return all selections Input Data Format, selective display etc.

When Lights are On lights are shown on lighthouses and other lights that rotate, a light sector is displayed to show the range of coverage for the light.

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