ARINC REPORT – Page 6 OMS DESCRIPTION OMS Architecture The OMS should consist of the following equipment:?. Buy ARINC DESIGN GUIDANCE FOR ONBOARD MAINTENANCE SYSTEM from SAI Global. Avionics maintenance practices continue to improve through On-Board Maintenance System (OMS) recording. This standard defines the OMS.

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The LRUs not transmitting acknowledgment see attachment 2 section arimc. Flight legs should be identified as: Input signals and user-defined parameters could be arlnc in event monitoring, report generation, data recording and data display. Storage should be provided for a minimum of faults. On aperiodic buses, the Aircraft Identification Set message will be used.

The full provisions of an ACMS are described in section 8. Views Read Edit View history. Each entry in the index list shall include a block number and a brief description of its contents.

Onboard Maintenance Systems for Modern Aviation

The Series describes the form, fit, and function of avionics equipment installed predominately on transport category aircraft. Changes in states of faults i. Subsequent numbered blocks should contain the next most recent fault record, etc.

This article needs additional citations for verification. This is achieved by use of a centralized maintenance computer system in lieu of the various test switches, fault balls, maintenance manuals, and ground support equipment, needed to maintain both current and previous airplane models.


The system should provide a default arinnc format and display update rate. The means to physically store qrinc Information retrieval through direct operator control Indirect retrieval of library data through interfaces to other systems Presentation of information on one or more MATs Printing of requested information formats for OSI data used for interfacing the OMS to other installed systems, including the ELS are contained in Attachment 2.

Onboard Maintenance Systems Design & Development – Performance

This should be considered in the areas of degree of automation, design for ease of selection of required tests, minimization of required ground support equipment, and personnel safety provisions.

A period of time could span the event, or occur totally before or after the event. The Network Layer provides upper layer independence from the data transmission and switching technologies used to connect systems. It is aginc in its entirety in Characteristic A If time cycle information is available, the message should be as defined in the following ASN.

Included with this data should be: The potential exists for multiple users to independently request access to CMC functions. The Data Link Layer is responsible for providing reliable data transmission across the physical link. Individual monitoring may be accomplished using self-monitoring arinnc each LRU or by a central LRU monitoring less sophisticated peripheral equipment. The goal for the OMS must always be a cost effective combination of automatic BITE and manual procedures to ensure efficient maintenance of all airplane systems.

  ISO 22901 2 PDF

Software Resets Watchdog timeout Processor traps e. The display should be menu driven like the rest of the OMS.

This should give the user 642 capability to specify the algorithms needed for event monitoring and to control other ACMS functions. Ports should be provided for optional remote or portable MATs to facilitate maintenance at other locations.

Airline data may include: No external fault or failure should cause false internal fault or failure indications. The system should be capable of supporting separate algorithms evaluated atinc different rates.

Other stockholders include a variety of other air transport companies, aircraft manufacturers and foreign flag airlines.

Initiated Test Test-Complete bit 264 be set to 1 for 3 seconds after the test is completed. After selection, the OMS will display test prerequisites and interactive instructions as appropriate.

The time interval from the initiation of engine shutdown e. Normally, this is met by the operational monitoring within the system.

Both engineering units and binary data should be available for display.

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