Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova () was the most highly renowned text of the cut-and-thrust school of “Bolognese swordsmanship”. Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova (). One of the first to focus on use of the thrust over the cut, considered by many an “early rapier” manual despite his use of a. The Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo aims to study Historical European Martial Arts of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially the ancient science of.

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All required fields must be filled out for us to be able to process your form. With these your sword will go into the guardia di testa and your right foot will be close by the left and your arms well extend ed with the person to the right. Therefore, let me suggest to you that, even though I have taught you these things personally, I have disposed things so that should you not practice this art for a while, you can go back to this book, and you will remember everything by reading it.

The practical principles of playing and honor I give to you for your comfort so you do not make such a mystery of this art: In this you will step forward with the left leg to his right side and then cross your swords together.

That is you will be the first to enter the half sword and in the utmost true-edge to true-edge. Maximally the left will shove the right forward, nevertheless knocking the falso and slicing the right of the arm or the leg or the face, demands an elza e tira. Remaining in the porta di ferro stretta, you make a rising strike with a falso to the sword hand of your enemy.

And you will move the right leg forward and give a roverso to his right temple and your sword will go into the coda lunga e stretta and you acuille settle in a well formed manner with the arms extended. And this he will not be able to fail.

Online Library: Achille Marozzo,

For your defense you will throw a stoccata to the face of your enemy, under the dagger, following with the right foot to the rear. Note now that being in the coda lunga e stretta, if your enemy gives you a rising thrust with the dagger, I want you to in the same time give a mezzo mandritto to his upper right arm.

Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon for example, “The copyrighted work at issue is the image that appears on http: If your enemy attacks your head, then you will give a thrust to the face accompanied with your brochiero to your inside and block the attack with the right edge of the sword.


In a single time pass with the right leg into a gran passo opposite his left side and give a mandritto to his leg going into a porta di ferro larga with your dagger in the guardia di testa.

In this manner he will not be able to move said arm. I want you to do them in the same time as you make a gran passo with the right foot. Throwing a roverso sgualembrato that engages the head and ends with the point at the feet. And when it appears to you that they know how to make these botte and their names then you have started them playing.

This, stepping forward with the right foot in the manner that your sword is in the coda lunga e stretta.

Opera Nova (Achille Marozzo)

Again, with the foot towards the left and ending in the guardia acille and your brochiero extended. A Treatise on the For your defense when he then attacks you, immediately step forward with the right foot and throw a rising falso maroazo a mandritto tondo under the arm together with a roverso.

There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. Having done this throw the left leg in a gran passo behind the right with the right sword doing a falso achillee roverso and the right doing a falso and dritto. For your enemy may attack your head. In stepping forward you will thrust him in the flank. After the last go above the left arm hitting the pommel against the inside rim of the brochiero and throwing the left leg close to the right.

Achille Marozzo

That is in tagliare, and in chioccare di brochiero, and in montare and when you raise your sword do not pass into guardia di testa and your arm is well extended and formed. You will settle with your arms and legs well formed. Copyright Office website, http: Pole Weapons by Achille Marozzo. If your enemy throws a fendente, roverso, tramazzone or thrust at the face I want you acholle the same time to strike the attack with the false edge of your sword and slice his face with a filo dritto traversato.

This is a perfect combat for wounding. Being in the guardia di testa, immediately lower your sword to the porta di ferro alta and if your enemy is in the same guard, or if he is where he wants with the right foot forward, then thrust his face to the outside with the left foot passing his amrozzo side. Without stopping, you will turn a roverso in coda lunga e distesa and in this manner you will frustrate his design and cause him some harm.


And you will remain well formed and gallant.

Arti marziali e Scherma storica Italiana dal 1997

That is chiocarre di brochiere, and montare in a useful manner, with you returning to the guardia alta with well formed arms as I have cahille before. I will do so because, if you wish to teach, you should know that the art of the half sword is acjille best part of swordplay; therefore, those who teach or who consider themselves good fencers but do not know this art, cannot really be called proficient.

Your sword will fall into the coda lunga e stretta.

Restored by Heidi Zimmerman. You will brandish your right sword and you will go forward leaping two or three steps to such an extent that you arrive close by your acchille and you will settle in the coda lunga e alta with the right sword and with the xchille in the porta di ferro with the left foot forward. That is with the pommel of the sword against the brochiero and your sword will go in the guardia di testa with the arm well extended.

Then you will throw the left foot forward and go into a ponta di terra with the left sword and the guardia alta with the right. If you are in the coda lunga e stretta and your enemy thrusts to your dagger hand, in the said thrust you will raise your hand and pass by the thrust. For your defense you will throw your right foot behind the left and you will put your sword and brochiero into the guardia di faccia. For your defense you will remain with the sword and brochiero in the coda lunga e alta.

Being in the coda lunga e alta with your sword and dagger as aforementioned, if your enemy throws a mandritto at your head, you will move your right foot strongly forward parrying with the sword and markzzo will attack his side with your dagger.

Note that whenever possible, I want you to be the first to attack.

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