Many books have been written on seduction in recent years, es- pecially after the release of Neil Strauss’s The Game: Penetrating the. Secret Society of Pickup. In his latest book Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls, a fast- paced page read, Aaron Sleazy starts off with a refreshing, commonsense. Aaron Sleazy is a blogger and long time manosphere writer. He runs a blog at Men, Women, & Society where he writes about dating, culture.

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I’ve been looking to make the best out my small city experience.

Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Review

Aaroon in short, the guy contradicts himself and cannot even stick to his own opinion, and not posted any kind of personal results like FR for very long time yet bashes every one else. The whole book told about his each and every successful pickups. I don’t use those products, so I dunno. I learn a lot from this book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. As it is though, he’s the only guy I know who puts so much energy into that, therefore I don’t care to hear much of what he has to say.

Sports psychologists have demonstrated that a guy in a slump needs to stop thinking about the slump, but start “seeing” success. I don’t intend to re-enter the same old, tiring debate with people who barely get laid, yet feel the need to defend “techniques” do little for them. This sucks so bad, I cant use credit or debt all I gmae is cash so I can’t order the book, fail.


His name is a bit ironic as Sleazy is pretty much the least sleaziest person in the seduction community, a community known for charlatans and fakes.

Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Review – Charles Sledge

Return to Book Page. Considering everything you read and gamw now, he already knew them back inthat’s just to show what kind of a guy he is.

Fast forward to recent years, she didn’t change a lot! I don’t perceive “get in shape” is suggested anywhere in the method. Some guy I know really eager to get laid. Books by Aaron Sleazy. I agree with most of what you wrote, including about inner game not being covered.

The guy who introduced me to all this said “when you talk to girls, don’t talk about facts, but talk about how you feel”. No, I don’t contradict myself. In order to get chicks, you have to look good.

Like when Neil shave his head, getting his skin tanned and carefully choosing his wardrobes. I thought, it’s a gossip, I don’t care. In this case, you will learn how to become much more efficient, which will get you more girls in less time, and girls you have more in common with. The better looking, more well dressed, and more masculine a man is the more he is going slaezy cause attraction in women and therefore the more opportunities he is going to have to sleep with those women.

The main thing I disagree with you about in this review is when you say Sleazy Stories is for guys with average experience. Oliver x marked it as to-read Jan 11, Another case, another friend of mine, a businessman living a healthy life, well mannered, very gentleman-ish kind of guy.


Thus I don’t see anything in it about fixing your confidence, or the PUA slang “inner game”. David marked it as to-read Jul 13, Christian Doig rated it liked it Jul 28, I was kinda frustrated to certain extend, then I read some sleazy’s reports. Also covers the other possibilities of relationships outside marriage. And getting good with girls are a skill.

The more girls you approach the more often you’ll get laid. Same guy was telling brad P about how useless the pua boot-camps eleazy yet he went and did seminars on his own.

Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls by Aaron Sleazy

Aaron starts out the book by talking about how the average PUA makes picking up women seem like rocket science and vastly over complicate a very simple and natural thing. And the “organic approach” he reccomend will actually push people to experiment. The green, grey, and red zone.

Thanks Charles just purchased! For one thing, your focus is on the wrong spot. I’ll make a blog post once the book is available. You would not have great time with them anyways!

Visit my own forum, Personal Power Meditation, at www. It is also same guy who used to say that pua stuff cannot be taught yet he went commercial and started teaching others.

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