Asus Plans Recall of Motherboards That Are Burning Up

Asus Plans Recall of Motherboards That Are Burning Up

Asus motherboard

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Constructing a motherboard, it seems, requires the identical precision as defusing a bomb—one seemingly small, silly mistake and all the factor goes up in smoke.

Simply ask the house owners of the Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero who discovered their high-end desktop element charred after regular use.

Widespread reviews throughout varied social media platforms emerged over the previous few weeks, describing how the Asus motherboard would throw up a BIOS code of 53, indicating a reminiscence initialization failure. Some customers smelled smoke coming from their boards and investigated to discover a burn mark within the nook, slightly below the QLED. Typically, the customers heard a clanking or popping earlier than the motherboard failed.

Asus Motherboard

“…I get caught on boot with QCODE 53 and QLED Orange (first time) and observed a penny sized burn mark below the underside proper of the QLED, burnt to a crisp nearly (prime aspect, lot of soot) and melting the QCODE field slightly,” somebody wrote on Asus’s ROG boards.

“Then late at night I am merely surfing the web and all of a sudden it hard shuts off again, and this time when I look over there I see a component on the motherboard literally on fire. I quickly switch the psu off and unplug it from the wall,” Reddit user TheMaxXHD, who had two boards fail on them, wrote.

The desktop lovers neighborhood spent just a few weeks determining what was occurring with these new motherboards earlier than Asus chimed in, admitting to Tom’s {Hardware} that the boards are faulty as a result of a single capacitor was put in backward. Here’s what the corporate needed to say:

“In our ongoing investigation, we now have preliminarily recognized a possible reversed reminiscence capacitor difficulty within the manufacturing course of from one of many manufacturing traces which will trigger debug error code 53, no submit, or motherboard parts harm. The problem doubtlessly impacts models manufactured in 2021 with the half quantity 90MB18E0-MVAAY0 and serial quantity beginning with MA, MB, or MC.”

For those who personal Asus’ Z690 Hero motherboard, have a look at the product packaging and ensure your half isn’t affected by the manufacturing error. Whether it is, cease utilizing it instantly and look ahead to Asus to roll out its promised alternative program. Asus is seemingly working with the Client Product Security Fee (CSPS) to label the alternative program as an official recall; as soon as it goes via, the fiery motherboards might be shipped off.

Even when your board doesn’t match these serial numbers, it is best to proceed with warning as Asus says it’s persevering with its investigation to see which boards are affected. This may increasingly sound foolish, however in the event you don’t know your motherboard’s batch quantity, test to see if the “150″ printed on the capacitor is going through the proper path or whether it is the other way up. If it’s the latter, contact Asus’s help crew and ask for a alternative.

Asus’s assertion solely confirms what widespread YouTuber Buildzoid had already predicted. He recognized what was mistaken with the motherboard, explaining that the polarity stripe on the backward polarized capacitor was itself put in backward, inflicting close by MOSFETs (transistors) to fry. Certain sufficient, each affected board shares the identical difficulty the place two MOSFETs tasked with sending 5V of energy to different components of the motherboard had been burned up by the defective reminiscence capacitor.

Asus appears to be taking the correct steps to get these out of shoppers’ properties, however such a doubtlessly harmful blunder calls into query the corporate’s high quality management. We will solely hope the corporate takes the steps essential to reassure its large buyer base that its merchandise are protected to make use of. Within the meantime, it is best to on the very least keep away from the Maximus Z690 Hero.

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