Safety Advisory Relating to Microsoft Energetic Listing Vulnerabilities

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On November 9, 2021, Microsoft launched two Energetic Listing vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-42287 and CVE-2021-42278) with patches (KB5008102 and KB5008380). These vulnerabilities proceed to fly beneath the radar attributable to Log4Shell; nevertheless, on December 11, 2021, a proof of idea (PoC) was launched on GitHub and Twitter.


All variations of Home windows Server 2004 and newer are affected by each vulnerabilities. The exploit takes benefit of “a safety bypass vulnerability that permits potential attackers to impersonate a website controller utilizing laptop account sAMAccountName spoofing”. The one prerequisite for the exploit is the attacker having an unprivileged area person within the setting.

The sequence of the assault begins with the creation of a brand new machine account, the title and password don’t matter, they’re simply utilized by the attacker later. Following the machine account creation is a samaccountname change of the account, which units it to the title of the area controller being spoofed with out a trailing “$”.

The subsequent step is requesting a Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT) with the spoofed area controller title. The attacker then adjustments the title of the machine account to something apart from the spoofed area controller’s title. The final step is utilizing the TGT beforehand acquired to request a S4U2self service ticket to impersonate any person the attacker desires to.


The patches KB5008102, KB5008380, and KB5008602 had been launched in November 2021–these are one of the best mitigations for the vulnerability and exploit. Different workarounds have been seen across the web, however include different potential negative effects. The most secure factor to do is to use the patches as quickly as attainable.


The exploit leaves a path of proof in Home windows Occasion Logs. The sequence of logs is under:

One of the best detection Hurricane Labs Safety Analyst Dusty Miller has decided–with the least quantity of noise–is searching for the 4871 occasions the place the “Outdated Account Identify” is a machine account (ending in “$”) and the “New Account Identify” shouldn’t be. This can be a very uncommon change, however triggered every time the exploit was carried out throughout testing.

Extra Particulars & Sources

Proof of idea exploits for this vulnerability in addition to detailed write-ups are at the moment accessible under:

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