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The animated alien crew of Star Trek Prodigy—Zero, Murf, Rok-Tahk, Jankom, Gwyn, and Dal,—joined by a holographic Captain Janeway all stand on an alien planet with the sun on their backs and their ship in the sky.

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When Star Trek: Prodigy was first revealed as a “kid-friendly” present, sure followers decried that they didn’t want a “dumbed-down” entry to get into Star Trek when they have been younger. A blessing then, that this subsequent technology doesn’t have that both: as a substitute, they’re supplied one thing sensible, enjoyable, and ideal for them, that by no means forgets what Star Trek is actually about.

Prodigy—the third Star Trek animated sequence, and its first foray into computer-generated animation—is the primary present within the franchise that doesn’t comply with Starfleet officers. As an alternative, opening on the mining colony of Tars Lamora, the sequence focuses on a forged of younger ne’er-do-wells, a hodgepodge group of alien teenagers who don’t know one another, and fascinatingly, can’t talk with one another both. Dominated with an iron fist by the Vau N’Kat often known as the Diviner (John Noble, delivering a slight, however nonetheless delectably sinister efficiency), the miners of Tars Lamora have been stripped of a basic thought we’ve come to imagine of all Star Trek: a primary, common translator. The lack to speak has damaged these folks—our future heroes Dal (Brett Grey), Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas), and Zero the Medusan (Angus Imrie) included—into submission. With out the easy unity of with the ability to speak to one another, no single miner can dare try and stand up in opposition to the Diviner’s management.

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It’s a easy, fascinating concept that units the tone for the primary few episodes of the present offered for assessment: a Star Trek as hell thought experiment that’s frightening sufficient for followers to latch on to, however merely executed and communicated so {that a} younger viewers can perceive. They’ll probably perceive too that Prodigy is an action-adventure sequence at coronary heart. The preliminary battle is solved rapidly sufficient when Dal and Zero, dragging their two new associates alongside within the course of—in addition to the Diviner’s daughter Gwyn (Ella Purnell), forged right here as extra of an unwilling hostage than a protagonist—uncover mid-escape that Tars Lamora is the resting place of a secret, experimental Starfleet ship, the usS. Protostar.

The ship, housing one other vital Star Trek connection past its standing as a Starfleet vessel (extra on that later) not solely interprets our heroes’ ideas to allow them to really begin working collectively, however offers them the prospect to flee and dream of the celebs past their present residence. Their adventures are punctuated by high-speed escape chases and plenty of pew-pew phaser firing as the children attempt to get used to the exploration/navy starship they instantly discover themselves on the helm of. However dreaming of extra is a perfect that has fuelled generations of Star Trek, simply examined from a barely completely different lens right here. What sort of younger child hasn’t longed for one thing extra, had the wanderlust to see the world past their regular life? What’s Star Trek about, if not that mission first invoked by Captain Kirk, and numerous others over 55 years after: to boldly go?

It’s this idea that suffuses Prodigy with a heart and optimism that makes it feel quintessentially Star Trek, even if its gang of unruly teen heroes feel anything but. Prodigy constantly plays with the friction that these kids, and likely part of its audience, have never heard of Starfleet or the Federation before, and that like all teens, they’re not going to act anything like the Starfleet officers that have been the protagonists of Star Trek shows before them—even the ones at their most insubordinate. This especially comes through in the introduction of that aforementioned connection: the Protostar is home to a Command Hologram Program modeled after Star Trek: Voyager’s Captain Kathryn Janeway (the returning icon, Kate Mulgrew, in a type that seems like she’s not missed a beat for the reason that character was final on screens almost 20 years in the past).

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The hologram Janeway will not be fairly like her human self, she’s much less Captain to those children, and extra instructor, and even then, hovering a little bit nearer to Cool Aunt than she is Schoolmarm. At first, she represents an authority determine, welcoming and helpful, however that’s one thing our younger crew has little time for after spending their lives below another person’s thumb (a minimum of at first). It creates an enchanting early relationship, as older followers who’re probably right here to see extra of Janeway than they’re these children, and a youthful viewers more likely to narrate to these children than they’re a girl they’ve by no means heard of, are pushed and pulled between two halves of the present’s core.

However whether or not you come out of the primary few episodes wanting these children to have turn out to be rather less early Deep Area 9 Nog and extra like Dominion Conflict Nog, or that possibly Holo-Janeway can cool her jets and allow them to have a little bit extra enjoyable every so often, these twin points of the present finally come collectively over what issues to the present most: that aforementioned need to be free to discover, to see new issues and new locations, harmful or in any other case, as a result of there’s a pleasure in that wanderlust. It’s what offers you hope that Holo-Janeway’s connection to Starfleet would possibly someday present these children the beliefs the Federation has discovered value combating for over eons, and that this motley crew can present her, hologram or in any other case, that exploring the universe doesn’t essentially want prim and correct order. As a result of deep down, whether or not these children are Starfleet materials or not doesn’t matter: they’re right here to see what’s on the market, and as far as Prodigy is anxious, what’s out there’s a ton of enjoyable.

Star Trek: Prodigy begins streaming on Paramount+ at the moment, October 28, and can finally air on Nickelodeon after it wraps on the streaming service.

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