Ricoh information new lens patents – Is Pentax lastly contemplating going mirrorless?

Ricoh files new lens patents - Is Pentax finally considering going mirrorless?

A couple of days in the past, Ricoh filed a patent software in Japan for 3 new full-frame telephoto lenses, one in all which is for mirrorless cameras. These aren’t the primary they’ve filed, both, having filed patents for a few different mirrorless lenses a month in the past. May this be a turning level for Pentax, the one firm that’s been holding onto DSLRs for expensive life whereas the remainder of the world goes mirrorless?

The three new lenses described by the patent aren’t significantly excessive finish. They’re all variable aperture, though the one for mirrorless has a max variable aperture of f/2.8-4, so not too horrible. It’s uncertain, although that Pentax is planning to pursue the mirrorless market. At the very least, not but.

70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 (for DSLRs)

  • Focal size: 72.08-291.32
  • F worth: 4.6-5.7
  • Half angle of view: 17.2-4.2
  • Picture top: 21.64
  • Total size: 190.18-259.23
  • Again focus: 42.56-66.55

100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 (for DSLRs)

  • Focal size: 103.00-388.00
  • F worth: 4.6-5.7
  • Half angle of view: 11.7-3.1
  • Picture top: 21.64
  • Total size: 234.40-340.41
  • Again focus: 55.31

100-300mm f/2.8-4 (Mirrorless)

  • Focal size: 103.00-292.00
  • F worth: 2.9-4.1
  • Half angle of view: 11.9-4.1
  • Picture top: 21.64
  • Total size: 259.72
  • Again focus: 18.00

The apparent giveaway on that final one being a mirrorless lens is that 18mm flange distance. It’s bodily unimaginable for a DSLR to have one which quick because of the measurement of the mirror.

In fact, it’s completely attainable that Ricoh is designing this lens for any person else – assuming it ever truly involves fruition – and so they’re not planning to go mirrorless in any respect (which is what Asobinet believes). However, the concept of Pentax lastly caving and going the mirrorless route is kind of attention-grabbing. They do have a few attention-grabbing improvements of their DSLRs that might probably apply properly to mirrorless, particularly if they aim the comparatively untapped mass client market.

[Asobinet via Pentax Rumors]

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